Hey-Hey, How’s it going!!?!

Well it’s been about two weeks since I posted a new blog! Last week I posted one on Friday, I hit publish and walked away to get the girls ready and came back later in the day to realize that it never published and everything was not saved…bummer right!?! 

So life lately has been an adjustment on my part and I’ve been feeling pretty overwhelmed with trying to keep everything together. All 3 kids are home for the summer, (summer school is out), Bryce’s baseball, swim lessons, work, kid’s doctors appointments, household duties…everything just came to a head and I just needed a minute to get my mind feeling straight and clear. 

Just because I haven’t published a blog in 2 weeks doesn’t mean I’m not thinking about my blog or life stopped in anyway, let me catch you up with a little life-lately…

Grocery shopping trips look a lot different these days and take much longer, ha!!!

I don’t know how moms’ take all their kids to the grocery store and stay focused…?!?

Monday was the girl’s last swim lesson of the season or at least for us, I didn’t sign them up for the next one because I needed a little break and will sign them back up in August.

Bryce was keeping himself busy playing with the new instagram filters while waiting on the girls, then we were rushing to the baseball field for his game, only after I milked that afternoon…see how the overwhelming feelings happen…😁

Naomi had her Pre-K physical & well visit last week and she is good to go!

She grew two inches from last year and gained 3 pounds, we also have a referral to see the eye doctor because the generic eye chart test was inconclusive and I thought it would be best just to rule it out by the specialist. 

The heat & humidity has turned itself on this past week, which means fans and sprinklers has been helping to keep the cows cool & comfortable while they are waiting to be milked. ( A very small fraction of their day) Also the fans have been on in the loafing barn to keep them cool as well!

Last Wednesday was my birthday! 

On Friday the kids & I were exploring an old barn that is special to us. My Dad had been working really hard to clean it up and we wanted to see all the progress.

Old barns have so much character, craftsmanship and individuality that you can just stare at them forever and try to think about how they were used back in their hay-day…  

Miss Maddie loves to chase & follow butterflies, see the little white one she’s chasing?!?

Dabbing the barn like any kid these days… 🙂

The girls each received a new dress in the mail from my Grandma, they were so excited that they wanted to put them on over their clothes that they were wearing.  

Errands with the girls require snacks…a lot of snacks!

Yesterday was Father’s Day and we celebrated by barbecuing hamburgers, enjoying homemade macaroni salad, barbecue beans and enjoying yummy carrot cake!

The kids and I also gave him some homemade gifts we created and also went around the table and shared what we appreciated most about Jer.

We celebrated with my Dad as well!

Here’s to Monday, the start of a new week and I’ll talk to ya soon,



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