Hey all, how’s it going!?!

For today’s post I thought I would share an assortment of random pictures from the first week of June! 

June is a big month for us in my family with birthdays, our anniversary, Father’s day, the start of summer and…the kids will officially be done with school all together. 

This past month Bryce and Maddie have been attending our little country school’s summer school program! It’s for 4 weeks and they have weekly field trips, daily swimming, and a bunch of extra classes that in this day and age they don’t have time for. Bryce’s favorite summer school class is inventions (not surprising) 😁, and Maddie’s favorite is cooking class! The summer school program is great and next school year Naomi can’t wait to attend with the big kids. 

June 3rd was our 11 year wedding anniversary!!!

Hard to believe that it has already been 11 years of marriage but there is no one else I would rather do life with…

Things have changed a little bit over here so everyday I’ve been having to milk one shift a day, usually the afternoon shift and maybe the mornings too, but that’s usually on the weekends.

Gathering the cows up in the afternoon.

Our cows love to get themselves in the farthest part of the pasture, waaaayyyy up in the top corner, which makes for a chore to get them back!

The other morning after I dropped the Bigs off at school, I went to the gym and noticed my tire was low on air, so luckily my mobile mechanic was on the road and stopped by to fill my tire back up.

Thanks Jer!

So baseball is in full swing (get it…swing-baseball, ha) here, so every afternoon we are either at the field with practice, at a game or practicing at home on different skills.

Right now or at least at all his games so far, Bryce has been his team’s catcher.

Since Naomi has no summer school, she has been my little partner when it comes to running to the grocery store. She loves it and also loves to suggest that she’s hungry every 10 minutes…although she had just ate breakfast, lol! That girl and her food…

June 1st was National Drink Milk day and we celebrated by having a glass of chocolate milk with breakfast or “white” milk as Naomi calls it.

Siblings sitting in the bleachers watching their brother play… 

We always make sure we are stocked with snacks or little toys to keep busy, but when we have an out of town game the girls stay with Grandma. 

This was Monday nights game.

On our way home from the game a storm was starting to roll in and it made for a pretty drive.

On Mondays the girls have swim lessons so usually we divide and conquer, Grandma takes the girls to swim and Jer & I got take Bryce to his game. Grandpa stayed back and washed the barn down after we finished the afternoon milking.

Besides baseball or swim lessons there’s been a lot of kitty cuddles.

Over the weekend I went into my old homeschool supplies and found this Squishy Baff that Bryce use to always play with, instead of filling up the bath for the girls we put it in their Step 2 sand & water table.

The girls played for HOURS putting different toys in the “Squish” or pretending they were baking, the ideas were endless!

Naomi asked me to take a picture of her doing the peace sign. ☺

Maddie checking on the kitties before school!

That was my random assortment of pictures from our first week of June.

Have a great day everyone and talk to ya soon,


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