Raise your hand if you remember school being out in June and you didn’t want to look at another book, pencil or math problem again!?!! And then September came and it was back to school, dun-dun-dunnn…

Now as a parent, my oldest being 11 this summer, it is so important that I keep my kids’ minds engaged and still active with learning and especially reading!

Now I know the saying “let them be kids” and enjoy their summer and I totally 100% agree with that, although this is maybe 30-40 minutes out of their day and if we are just doing reading then 20 minutes; give or take.

This is all very do able, let me show you what we are doing!

Naomi is going into Pre-K this year and she so eagerly wants to be in the big kids school. She wants to do homework & worksheets so I have her doing some of Annie Moffatt’s, Kindergarten NO Prep Packets ( the ones I know she can accomplish). 

I have been using The Moffatt Girls’ curriculum since Bryce was in Kindergarten and he will be going into 5th grade this year and I just love everything that Annie puts out! 

If Naomi isn’t doing a worksheet then she maybe doing a little arts & crafts, she loves to make cards for people or building a puzzle or doing a matching game; things like that.

Now my daughter Maddie has high-functioning Autism and is in Special Ed for all her educational based learning (reading, math, language arts) and when she completes her work in class she gets to play on We have her log on & password information to continue the learning over summer, so everyday she may do a few lessons to earn “tickets” or she likes to go on and watch episodes or Wild Kratts. 

Maddie also does about 20 minutes of reading aloud to me (4-5 days a week) and we are tracking our learning with a cute little chart and when we read so many books or stories then she gets to get a little prize! You do what you gotta do right…😁 

Maddie also likes to do arts & crafts everyday with Naomi, this is very loose and they get to do whatever they want but right now they are into making cards!

She also does NO Prep worksheets from The Moffatt Girls!

Bryce will be going into the 5th grade this year and he’s a boy, so summer learning is a lot harder to sell, but we are doing a chart (just like Maddie) for reading, sort of like a reward system!

So far he received an inexpensive game for his Xbox that he’d been wanting. 

He also has some (very easy) book report type papers to fill out after he finishes a book that his reading specialist sent home to work on over the summer, not mandatory but very encouraged. I’ve also printed out a few math pages to work on, but with him we are really focusing on the reading because he excels in math.

Here is a great Summer Slide Statistic graphic that Annie created, I promise this blog post isn’t sponsored by her at all, this is just how much I love her work and am a loyal follower since Bryce was young!

Other things the kids are doing this summer is taking brain-breaks. Everyday or at least during the week they are having quiet time where they are all sent to their rooms for naps or to lay on their beds for quiet time. More than not, they all fall asleep and when they wake up, they are refreshed and have better moods. 

Momma needs that quiet time too, ha!

We are also having a lot of outside playtime, swimming, morning cartoon watching and free-time! 

I found this Summer Rules list on Pinterest and I really like this!

The Mehaffey’s are enjoying summer learning!


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