If you asked me two years ago or even last year if I would ever be blogging about how to take care of kittens…I probably would of said that you were crazy!

I never grew up with cats nor did I ever desire to have a cat but, Maddie has been begging for a cat for months. Well you know the saying goes, the things you do for your kids right…

So off we went picking up not one, but two free kittens my Dad saw listed on Craigslist here in our own town. My theory for getting two cats was for them to keep each other company and thankfully I had that foresight because I can’t imagine just having one. 

On the drive back home I was telling my Mom, I don’t know the first things to do with cats or how to train them, etc. So naturally the first thing we did was stop for kitty food and a food dish. At least they won’t starve right?!? Also we got a little wire crate out of the shop that my brother use to have for a puppy he once owned. We sprayed it down with the pressure hose and sat it in the sun to dry.

So far we have a safe place for them to sleep at night, cat naps during the day and food & water, not bad right!?!

Here is what their crate looks like bare-bones.

It has a hard plastic tray on the bottom that slides in & out. It gets lined with multiple pages of fresh newspaper everyday and I think I should mention that we are training them to be outside cats. That’s all they’ve known and we would like to keep with that same environment. 🐱

The purpose of the crate:

Sleep at night.

Eat their food & water.

Nap during the day


Stay in there when we are gone from the house.

(for safety)

Otherwise they are playing all day under the patio or the girls are holding them! 👧👧

During the day their crate in on the back patio and at night it is inside the wood room, concealed from the weather and during the day if weather is bad. 

Here are our supplies!

We are currently feeding them Meow Mix Kitten, that was the only thing our little grocery store in town carried for kittens, a food & watering dish and newspaper!

We give them about ¼-½ cup each on both sides of the bowl so there is no fighting every morning, once their crate has been cleaned out and received fresh bedding. While their crate is being cleaned they are usually playing on the grass. 

Then we place the kittens back in the crate with their kitty food.

Now we close their little crate back up and let them eat while we finish getting ready.

Next, whatever they didn’t finish food wise, we scoop all over to one side for later snacking and fill the other with fresh water throughout the day.

This is how we are crate training Mittens & Mickey (males), we are no experts but, it is working for us and I hope it may work for you too!

Our next step in training is getting them to climb back into their crate when they hear us getting their food ready, I think we are pretty close…

Thanks for stopping by and would love to hear from ya in the comments below,



  1. Kathy DeMoville
    June 2, 2017 / 1:33 pm

    Cool! Make sure the girls are doing good hand washing when changing the newspaper, and aren't digging in the dirt in an area the kittens have used as their "cat box" (they can get toxoplasmosis from it.) Also, be sure to keep the sand table covered when not in use. You can bleach it out if it gets used by the kittens.

      June 12, 2017 / 9:57 am

      Thank you for letting me know, we have taken extra precaution! 🙂

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