Today I have a very special post for you all, it’s all about Madison’s Quiet-Time Backpack that my sister Riley & Tia Rocky made for her! 

*If you are new to my blog or you’re just not aware, Madison was born at 24 weeks, weighing 1lb.4oz. and has high functioning autism. 

(She also struggled with sensory issues and continues to go to speech & occupational therapy)

You know how at the end of every school year, kids are getting so excited to stay home, play, no more teachers…well Maddie, she loves going to school! Maddie likes to see her teachers, she likes to see her friends, she likes to eat at the cafeteria, and most of all she loves her routine. Well when school is out for the summer, the whole first month is usually met with meltdowns, anxiousness and a lot of crying. 

(I’ll have links for everything below the pictures & Maddie made a video sharing what’s in her backpack at the bottom of this post.)

Last year when Maddie would come off the bus, she needed a little time to transition to being at home and decompressing from her school environment. Because Naomi would of already been home for a few hours (preschool) and she would be ready to play with Maddie,well that started melt downs & screaming. So we started Maddie’s Quiet Time where she usually goes to my room, watches her favorite cartoon or YouTube channel and then maybe 15-30 minutes later she would come out on her own when she was ready.

This has worked very well for Maddie and it was part of her routine.

Well summer came and her schedule was off, her schedule was way off!

One day I was venting to my sister that the whole first month of Maddie being home or longer is just so exhausting because she’s crying all the time, not knowing what to do, melting down over the littlest thing, just very unsettled.

Behold the QUIET-TIME BACKPACK, my sister very kindly surprised Maddie with a special backpack loaded with some of her favorite things and little things to help her focus.

Backpack (exact one-sold out, similar one linked)

All the contents inside the backpack go back into the backpack when she’s done playing, and the backpack stays in my room. Those are the rules to keep her backpack special.

Follow Me, Mittens | Mittens, Where is Max? | What’s That, Mittens?

 Franklin Goes to the Hospital | Calm-Down Time | Make your Own Pizza

The Brainy Book for Girls | Big First Grade | Super Girls of the Bible

Liquid Motion Bubbler

 Fidget Cube | Squishy Balls

 Kittens in the Cage | Big Kitty

 Kittens in the Cage

Portable Sound Machine

That’s all the contents of Madison’s special Quiet-Time Backpack that my Sister & Aunt so kindly put together for our Maddie!


If you would like to see a very informal video of Maddie sharing all her special things in her backpack watch the video! 

I would love to hear how you help get your kids to calm down? 😁


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  1. riley elrod
    July 15, 2017 / 5:52 pm

    Anything for Maddie the murpup!

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