Happy Monday Friends! 

Are you all enjoying your summer so far?!?

This past week I feel like I’m starting to get into a groove around here with our daily schedule and spending some time with the kids off the farm (almost everyday). I know I joke about having them home aaallllll summer ehhh but, truly I am enjoying having them home and watching them play and hearing their conversations. Bryce will be in 5th grade this year and it won’t be long when he’s a teen boy and wants nothing to do with his annoying Mom, ha! #realtalk

So last week one of the things the kids and I did was walk our local cemetery in town. I know this sound weird, it was weird for me at first too but, that is what people do here in the Midwest!

Mommy + Lifestyle Blogger (Family Selfie)

It’s really pretty, it’s all cemented so they can ride their scooters etc. and it’s a way for them to get some exercise & fresh air!

Growing up in California, I never once in my life visited a cemetery to walk.

It was only for a funeral and even then I can probably count on one hand how many times I did even that!

When my friend/gym partner Abby suggested one time last year we go and walk, I was like okayyyy, but it was nice and you always see people from town there walking.

Needless to say the kids loved it and it was perfect weather for walking, the sun was out, but it was breezy.

Majority of the time Naomi rode in the stroller but toward the end Maddie’s legs were getting tired and Naomi wanted to walk.

On the way back to the car Maddie wanted to close her eyes and do “peace” this is her form of meditation.

And of course in true little sister fashion, Naomi followed suit.

Also during the week I take the kids to the gym with me and the girls go to the daycare and Bryce has been working out with me.

On certain days I time it so when I’m done working out, open swim has just started so the kids can go swimming.

The girls have also been enjoying the sand table which just got two new bags of play sand and…  

Bryce & I have been enjoying playing Unblock Me (a free app) on his phone.

Friday Jarret doesn’t go into work, he is on the dairy all day and he gave me a huge chunk of the day off to have some “me” time and go to the mall, walk around, have lunch with no kids. Much needed!!!

Well needless to say I jumped at that opportunity and went to the mall with my Mom, did a little retail therapy and bought myself a pair of Birkenstocks & a cheapy pair of sunglasses.

New Mayari Birenstocks in color stone

I’ve been wanting a pair of Birkenstocks for a while and I finally bought them for myself and I love them!!! 

Tilly's Sunglasses

I also bought myself a cheapy pair of sunglasses from Tilly’s and I just love them too! ( I was there getting Jer & Bryce some t-shirts) 

Saturday my Mom washed all the calf buckets in soapy, hot water. They looked brand new after that!

Saturday & Sunday morning we all had to milk…

Here’s my Mom filling up the calve’s water & grain buckets early in the mornin’.

Yesterday the kids and I were sitting on the picnic table enjoying the nice weather outside before it got humid, I was planning for an upcoming trip & the kids were building!

Maddie built a living room with a door, a fridge for snacks, a t.v. and a couch! 

Naomi built a big house with a window, walls and a man cleaning. 😁

That has been my Mom-Life Lately and I hope you all enjoyed!

Now if you are looking for some weeknight dinner inspiration, try my version of a burrito bake.



2-3 cooked shredded chicken breasts

(depending on how meaty you want)

 3 cups of grated cheese colby jack cheese

1 cup room temperature sour cream

1 can of red or green enchilada sauce

6 flour tortillas (burrito size)

Preheat your oven to 400℉

In a mixing bowl combine 1/3 of the enchilada sauce and the room temperature sour cream together. Then add the shredded chicken & half of your grated cheese, mix all the ingredients together. This will be the filling. 

Next in the bottom of your baking dish pour a little of the enchilada sauce on the bottom, just to coat the pan. Now I like to warm the tortillas on the stove before rolling, it makes them more pliable.

This part isn’t a science, get one tortilla, put 2 heaping spoonful in your tortilla with a little more grated cheese on top, roll the tortillas and place in the pan. Now complete this task for the next 5 tortillas, you want to have equal portion of the filling in each and if you are left with extra, save it for a quesadilla for the next days lunch!

Now that your done, pour the rest of the enchilada sauce over the top of the rolled burritos, and sprinkle the rest of the cheese on top and pop in the oven until all the filling is melted.

This right here is a very easy & quick throw together dinner, especially if you already have the chicken pre-cooked and shredded. I call it a Burrito Bake because it uses flour tortillas and authentic enchiladas are made with corn tortillas.

Hope you enjoy and this meal has been on rotation all summer!


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    July 3, 2017 / 10:56 pm

    Missing you all soooooooooo much! Love the pictures! Those sandals are some of my favs! I had a similar pair but haven't seen them in toe cross over lately. Super cute and comfy.

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