Surprise…we got a new puppy!!!

Her name is Osa and she is Bryce’s puppy.

(Osa as in a female bear in spanish)

Osa is part Australian Shepard and part Golden Retriever. She reminds us of a little bear cub though because she has a docked tail, from behind when she is running across the grass-she’s bear cub all the way!

The puppy came from my friend and workout partner, her family breeds dogs, and we kept it as a surprise for Bryce. He got back from California on a Sunday and puppy was ready Tuesday, she is the perfect addition to our family and has a great temper.

Osa and Mittens have become fast friends!

We weren’t sure how the puppy would take to the kitty but they are doing great together…

Mittens likes to pounce on Osa and Osa likes to chase Mittens, it’s really cute to see them play.

Bryce is doing a great job taking care of her and he can’t wait to start training her. He’s been doing his research on YouTube and watching video about training puppies and what type of commands you start first.

I will definitely keep you all posted on how the training is coming along!  

I will let you guess to how the girls feel about this puppy…😍

Osa is not going without attention, that is for sure!  

We’ve all grown attached to her, it’s pretty easy when she is such a good puppy.

Back to School

The kids went back to school on Monday and we are still getting use to our back to school schedule, even me!

The mornings are waaayyy more fasted paced, but I’ve implemented some time saving steps that are helping me get out the door in the morning, especially since Jer isn’t here to help me get them in the car with brushed teeth and shoes. 

I took Jarret’s help for granted because he’s always been here in the mornings. So I’ve made some adjustments and we are golden!

Isn’t that what life is about, adjusting when things change?

Naomi was so excited to start school this year!!!

She is a big preschooler and loves to tell me all about school when I pick her up, she leaves no stone unturned. 

Maddie is in 2nd grade this year and loves her new teacher (thank God) because last year the beginning of the school year, for almost a month, was met with lots of melt downs and crying.

This year her teacher was her speech teacher last year, so she is very familiar with you and is still in class with her little buddy. She still goes to her special ed teacher that she went to last year and they let her bring a little stuffed animal friend from home to keep her company.

Bryce is the big 5th grader this year, the big man on campus at the elementary school. Next year he will be across the street at the middle school! 😂 

Bryce is a great student and I have no doubt that he will rock this school year!

Now to just get him to tell me about his day without the single word, fine or good…


Here’s a few random back to school prep pictures.

Sam’s Club picking up Maddie’s new glasses, her prescription changed.

Getting all the school supplies at Target.

Back to school lunch supplies!

So hard to get a good picture with everyone smiling, ha!

Have a great week,


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    August 16, 2017 / 7:18 pm

    Sweet pictures! Love and hugs to all. . .

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