August 24, 2017


Hey all, Happy Thursday!

I know I've been a little absent around these parts of the blog lately but I wanted to do a little check in and share a VLOG I put together from this past weekend. 

So lets see...

The kids are back in school, which (silly me) I thought I would gain all this time back but not so much. ha!

My day is so broken up by mom duties, household duties, dairy work, me time and by the time I sit down to work on something my brain is so scattered I can't focus. 😊 

Does anybody else do that? 

Right now this season of life we are in is busy! 
I know I hate saying that word "busy" because I don't like it to come off as I'm doing something more important than the next guy, we are just in the thick of it all right now. 

Raising kids-working-growing a business, the list goes on... 

So instead of sharing through pictures I thought I would share through video today!



  1. Love seeing you in "life" - because life in not perfect!

  2. Holly and I watched your vlog together and she loved seeing everyone. We also watched Maddy's backpack video. She was smiling the whole time!!


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