LIFE LATELY | 7/28-8/5 2017

Hey….long time no life lately posts!

I love writing these casual type posts and these are some of my favorite posts to read on others bloggers websites.

Life Lately has been weird with Bumper being in California for a little over 2 weeks. I never realized how much he helps me out with the girls or just the little things we do together…

But it has been great for me to have just girl time with Maddie & Naomi!

This week is the kid’s last week home and to be completely honest, I’m ready for them to go back…

Not that I don’t like the kids home or the easy mornings of cartoon watching and playing or the freedom or just going and not having to worry about picking up Naomi from preschool. 

The kids are ready to go back, especially Maddie. She misses her routine and Naomi is excited to start Pre-K and Bryce is not ready to do school work, he just wants to hang with his buds!

There has been a lot of early morning milkings lately, hence the sleepy-tired eyes.

Also on the tractor while the sun is just coming up.

Morning Sunrise!

The girls have been helping in the calf barn lately since grandma was in California too.

She usually grains & waters the calves everyday.

Naomi helps with the water & Maddie scoops grain.

Monday thru Thursday I put our cow’s afternoon feed out since Jer is at work and at first this was hard for me to figure out how to get big scoops of feed in the bucket.

I would go scoop up a scoop and then go dump the feed and it would be just a small amount, huh…and then I was told that I didn’t have the bucket angled right and now we are scooping big scoops! <Proud moment>

Eating there afternoon ration!

See those sweatshirts we have on, yeah we’ve been getting teased with Fall like weather and we are not complaining!!!

This was before the girls and I went to the gym.

When we came back, Jer was wrenching on the disc bind.

The girls were excited to catch a ride with Dad around the field.

Naomi being silly…

and Maddie…

This was the other morning, right outside the window was two deer grazing. I was trying to be super quiet so I could snap a picture before they ran off.

I was taking this picture while driving the Gator, in the distance you could hear the thunder rolling in, the smell of rain and the wind blowing the grass in the field.

Right after this, it started to down pour and I was soaking wet, ha!

While it was raining outside. we built one of Maddie’s new Lego sets she got for her birthday.

Now Naomi says she wants Legos for her birthday too, but the “the kid” ones.

That’s life lately, and this week we have Meet the Teacher night and possibly a Zoo trip in the cards!

Have a great Monday,


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