LIFE LATELY | 9/1-9/12 2017

Hey there family & friends, Happy Wednesday!!!

I decided to jam pack this post with tons of pictures and updating you all on what’s been goin-on since there’s been a lot of life happening lately!

My posting schedule is not what it use to be, but my schedule isn’t what it use to be either, lol. Lately I’ve been pulling a lot more early morning milking shifts and afternoon shifts because Jarret is in the process of getting his commercial license. 

He’s going to driving school at night after he gets off from his job in town, which makes for late nights. So between me, my Mom & Dad, we’ve been covering most all of the dairy work so Jer can get some rest.

Here are some potential questions you might have:

Yes, we are still doing the dairy thing and yes, Jer & I still have our small herd of milking cows who are doing great!

No Jarret is not getting his commercial license to professionally drive trucks. (Which there is no problem with that) He is getting his license because the career he is interested in requires you to have your CDL. 

In this day & age, if you are a small family farm, you really need an additional outside income to support the many needs a growing family of 5 has and since I’m a Stay at Home Mom / Work at Home Mom, I’m doing a lot of the dairy chores that I can do on my own. Of course with the help of my Dad & Mom and vice versa.  They couldn’t do this with out us, nor could we with out them.

This is a team effort!

I know a lot of people say that we can’t keep this work pace up but honestly, our bodies are conditioned to working like this, we’ve done it for years. We eat pretty healthy, make sure we are getting enough sleep, drinking enough water and that makes a huge difference! 

This won’t be the pace for ever, but for now this is the season we are in. We are digging in deep and determined to succeed ❤

Here’s what the last 12 days have looked like:

Now that the humidity has turned off, thank God 😏, we ventured down to the pond.

We all love to spend time down by the pond, it is so peaceful and grounding.

The girls love to look for turtles & frogs in the water.

I love this view.

When we pulled up there was two momma cows cooling off.

And there’s their kids!

School is in full swing with tests, studying and tired mornings!

The kids have been really missing Dad lately so when we can meet him in between job & school and take him dinner than it makes them happy, especially Bryce! 

The weather here has been so nice and the nights have been cooling off, HeLLo FaLL!!!

In the mornings before school Bryce goes to the gym and workouts with a small group of boys (around his age) and a trainer. He LOVES it and it really is making him feel good about himself and learning the importance of taking care of your body.

Last week I took Naomi to see the ophthalmologist and we are going to have another person wearing glasses in the family!!! 

They had to dilate her eyes so she was required to wear temporary little sun-shields.

This past weekend was our town’s Apple Festival. 

It pretty much shuts down our town’s square, the school even gives the kids a half day off just to walk around and check it out!

On the half day we went straight to the festival and the girls picked out their “princess hair” crowns.

On Saturday morning, we went down to the parade.

We look forward to the parade every year.

One of the stands was selling hand crafted root beer and of course Bryce had to get the one in the glass bottle. 

Sunday we had help on the farm from my cousin Luanna and her husband Chase. 

They just got married a little over a week ago and were headed for a honeymoon to the Caribbean but because of Hurricane Irma, their plans changed. So a cross country road trip it is! They stopped here in Missouri to see us and spent the night by my parents. It was so nice seeing them and they were a lot of help too! 

Sweatshirt weather in the morning means fall is on it’s way!!!

Now I have some important information for you…

This is such a game changer for me. You all know I’m pressed for time during the week. So if I can order fresh groceries from home or from the Walmart app, pull up and they’re ready…sign me up! Plus, they load them for you.

Here’s $10 off your first order, just for trying!!!

All you do is pull up, call the number and they come right out with all the groceries you ordered.

I also do this with Sam’s Club too. The one thing with Sam’s is you have to go in and get your cart.

But it still cuts down on your shopping time and it saves me money because I’m not getting bamboozled by all the shiny sparkly things! 😊 

Here’s $10 off your first order, just for trying!!!

Thanks for catching up with me and I’ll talk to ya soon, feel free to following along on instagram too @mehaffeymoments 


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