Hey y’all! 

This past week we celebrated Halloween and our Halloween was quite chilly here in the Midwest.

We all ended up needing to wear our big jackets and we got done right before it started to rain!

Bryce was Ninjago (Lego Ninja), Naomi was Elena of Avalor and Maddie was Rainbow Dash from My Little Pony!

Sunday before Halloween we carved our pumpkins…

Jarret and I both helped the girls with their designs and helped them with the carving.

This was the first time the girls did the little pumpkin knives on their own!

Bryce of course drew a robot on his pumpkin and carved on his own.

All in all, the kids had a great Halloween and scored LOTS of candy!

 Christmas…Christmas everywhere!!!

Sunday is usually our family grocery shopping trip!

It’s not our big shopping but, what do we need or what are we missing to get through the week, lunch packing etc.

We usually divide and conquer so then we can get in and out as quick as possible since we have all the kiddos with us!

Sidenote: Jarret loves to go grocery shopping…especially to Sam’s Club! 😊

Since 95% of the cows are gone, we have been spending our extra time collecting feed troughs, water tanks and supplies from the different pastures and storing them all together!

We followed Jer down on the John Deere Gator to the bottom pasture.

Bryce always lending his Dad a helping hand.

Then the kids & I drove around the different pastures picking up any trash or plastic that had blew in from the wind storm we had earlier in the week!

Our weather lately has been all over the board from freezing 20° cold to 70° a few days later…

and this little guy needed my L.L. Bean down vest more than I did!

I checked on him later in the day and he was toasty warm, it worked like a charm. His core temp was up and he could barely tell we were having freezing temps!

(Nothing a little hot water, heavy soil laundry load couldn’t fix.) 

Here is an easy Apple Cake Recipe that I am loving right now and has been on repeat in my kitchen!

It is really easy and here I doubled the recipe to share with my folks since they love it too.

 This week was Bryce’s yearly well visit!

He had to get 4 shots this visit, 3 boosters, 1 flu and I told him that I would take him for a burger & shake afterwards for being brave, ha!

Although he is 11, it was a little special time with him.

Instead of a shake he talked me in to getting him a “dirt n’ worm” sundae!

Another thing that makes me happy besides spending special time with my kids is Hallmark Christmas movies…

Nothing puts me more in the Christmas spirit than #countdowntoChristmas on the Hallmark channel!

These were the NEW movies on this weekend:

Christmas Festival of Ice

The Perfect Christmas Present

Miss Christmas 

Christmas in the Air

If you missed any of them, they play all during the week, it’s Christmas movies all the time til Christmas!!!

If you want to know what I’m listening to on Pandora, this stations has been on repeat in the background of the house…

This is my favorite Christmas easy-listening station on Pandora!

Alright, here’s to the starting of a new week, talk to you soon,


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