LIFE LATELY | 11-20-17

Happy Monday family & friends!!!

I know its been a hot minute since I posted last but you know what, life happens. 😊

I’m feeling a little accomplished this morning because I finished 90% of the kids’ shopping online last night, yay! I usually like to have the kids completely done by Thanksgiving…

So this weekend I finally shared on social media about us closing down the dairy, feeling lost and starting a new chapter, eerrr book, in our lives. The response was more than I could of ever imagined!!! Family & Friends (new and old) were so supportive and encouraging with their comments. It takes a level of humility to admit that things didn’t work out the way we all hoped and you know what…that’s. o-kay.

Sharing your story and struggles makes you human. Putting your story out there in the universe helps you to release what you are hiding or bottling up inside. 

I honestly feel that until you can release what happened, you will never be able to move on. 

And most importantly, it is how we recover. 

It is how you get up after you’ve been knocked down and you know what, we are fighters and good people. What you put out, will come back around and with that…lets get on with this post! 💞

During the Fall & Spring time the kids and I love to go on nature walks around the property.

We like to look for the biggest leaf in fall & step on acorns and enjoy all the beautiful spring time flowers & leaves in the Spring.

Sunday was such a beautiful crisp, November day!

Maddie loves going on nature walk and… 

Naomi loves to complain about walks and then quickly becomes a fan when we start searching for things and make it a game. 

Maddie said, “Mom, take my picture with this big rock!”

Naomi said, “Mom, take my picture with the biggest leaf in the world!”

When we came back up from the bottom pastures the kids wanted to walk through the empty barns and into the back field.

Saturday evening the Amish came by to pick up a lot of tools, supplies and equipment they bought off of my Mom & Dad. They brought the big horse power for this load!

Saturday Jer and my Dad loaded up the flatbed trailer with a lot of misc. equipment set for the auction.

Getting kids off the bus on Friday!

Dinner for the kids Thursday night was provided by McDonald’s, ha, the girls really-really wanted a happy meal because they are giving Hello Kitty toys out. 

Next are just a random assortment of pictures:

Rainy school morning…

Bonfire attire…

The guys always fixing something…

Swim party for a friend from school…

Baking supplies…

Harvest Festival benefiting the school…

Class raffle basket…

Class cookie jar…


And the most important thing at festivals…face painting!


The next two pictures were snapped a week apart!

Trees still had leaves…

Bare bones; that’s fall for ya!

Now one last thing I want to put out there is, moving to Missouri is one of the best things that happened to us, Jarret & I don’t regret being here for one second!

Have a great Thanksgiving week and enjoy all the yummy food,


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