LIFE LATELY 1/21 – 1/27/2018

Hey y’all, how’s everything going!!?! 

We are hopefully back into a groove over here with no more missed school days because of snow. Now the school year is extended by 3 days, I believe and now two school holidays are given up as well…

I am not sad over here that January is ending because it has been soooo cold lately, although last week we had a few warmer days. The girls keep asking, “When is it going to be Spring?!?” Soon, I hope!

Lately we have been pretty boring with not much going on…

This past weekend Jer & I cleaned and organized our storage unit, organized the wood room and deep cleaned my car ( the inside) and heaven knows it needed it. With all the winter weather it has been through…, it needed a good vacuuming and wipe down. But now the car feels so nice and clean and I hope it stays like this for a while. 

Here’s a little assortment of some random picture below:

Bryce lookin sharp headed to school.

Maddie at the dentist last week.

She was getting sealants put on her molars.

When the weather is nice out, you better believe we are going for a walk down to the pond.

Maddie actually snapped this picture of Naomi outside our storage unit, she was playing with some Easter eggs that we found while we were cleaning.

Sunday the weather was so nice that the girls got the power-wheels out.

Yep, you are seeing that picture correctly, I had to start the fire box back up on Monday… 

When I picked Naomi up from preschool is was 24℉ with windchill, it was cold!!!

Below ⇩ is my latest installment, weekly vlog #4. I usually put it up on Monday morning, early, but I had major technical difficulties with my computer on Sunday that I wasn’t able to edit or upload til yesterday.

So here ya go!!!

I hope you enjoy and see ya next week,


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