Lately I’ve felt like we live in the Arctic tundra right now…⛄

As soon as some daylight/warmer temps appear, BAM the cold weather is back and it seems like we are out buying another truck load of wood, lol!  

Since the ground hog saw his shadow and predicted 6 more weeks of winter…I’m guessing he was right, because this past Super Bowl Sunday brought snow and icy temps.

Monday the kids had a snow-day due to hazardous road conditions. So it was more inside for us… 

(errhh, mom pulling her hair out)

The girls stayed in their pajamas all day and either played in their rooms, snacked, watched movies, built forts, colored…I think you get the picture, pretty much went thru everything they have! 

Bryce played video games, watched YouTube, we all watched a movie together but when the weather is nasty, you pretty much just hunker down and keep busy inside. 

I spent majority of the day decluttering, purging and going through old boxes I had in my closet, some had medical supplies from when Maddie was little. It seems like so-so long ago and at the time seemed like it would never end!

Now she’s a sassy seven year old, full of heart and lots of spunk.

Below is my Weekly Vlog #5 ⇊ 

Yep you read that right, number 5, I am making some tweaks to the way I film (err, the amount of days) but for the most part I’m going to do my best at keeping this up. 

Enjoy the video, give it a thumbs 👍up & subscribe 🔔 please!


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