This weekend was a breath of fresh air!

Saturday we still received a lot of rain but, Sunday cleared up to be a beautiful sun-shiny-day. 🌞

One of our most treasured things to do after a big rain storm is hike down to the creek. The kids absolutely love it and of course we do too. Jer and I like to watch the kids play and build with sticks and rocks, the most basic of basic things. Bryce, Maddie and Naomi really come alive in this environment and like to build beaver dams so the water is diverted in different directions. 

I also noticed there’s a lot less fighting involved when we are playing in the creek, ha!

After a summer storm we would of been down here with shorts and sandals.

When you are down here and there’s water running through the creek, it is so peaceful and any worries seem to fade away. You really feel like you are miles and miles away from everything and everyone. 

I’m sure you will notice, Naomi doesn’t have rain boots on, well that is because all of a sudden she out grew them…so it was little cowboy boots and playing on the creek side.

She still loved and enjoyed!

Jer and I hiked up to the pond to check on the water level and it was pretty much at level with just a little spill over.

I could just stay down here alllll day!

It makes my heart happy when the kids are one with nature! 💓

Bryce was testing and feeling the power of the current where it was at its strongest!

The farm looked extra beautiful on Sunday.

Here’s a picture of little old me, unless I take a selfie, it’s like I wasn’t even there, lol!

Have a great day and enjoy the video!


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    March 1, 2018 / 2:40 pm

    Great Pictures

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