Happy Monday Friends & Family!

Today the kids are home from school due to our weekend ice storm that never melted… Good thing we had plenty of firewood and we had the foresight to go grocery shopping on Friday.

Today the sun is out in full force and everything is starting to melt, Thank God! I honestly don’t think the kids have been to school on a Monday in weeks and now Maddie is to the point where she isn’t happy about snow (or ice) days, but Bryce is, ha!

During the week we had two days were the weather was beautiful, full of sun and warmth. 

Warmth to us is low 50’s, lol, hey we’ll take what we can get!

One of those days I surprised the kids with Vanilla Shakes after school from McDonald’s.

Usually they ride the school bus home, but on this particular day, I picked them up from school and had the shakes waiting in the car for their enjoyment!

On this particular day, I walked around the property to enjoy some sun and take a few pictures!

Here’s the dog water I refreshed by taking out the frozen ice cylinder and replacing with fresh water.

During the day, Naomi is here just with me so she was keeping herself busy on the scooter & bike, while I was snapping some pictures of the farm.

I snapped this picture of the working alley and just thinking about how much life happened right here and all the memories that were made…

We will always have our memories. ❤

Bye-Bye sun, Hello ice!

Jeez was it cold outside, it looks cold and it was cold!!!

Frozen barbed wire is always a beautiful sight.

Jarret and I were talking about how we’ve all learned how to live and survive in different parts of the United States were Southern California living is pretty easy, but living in the Midwest is a whole nother ball game! You always have to be ready for the extreme changes in the weather and be ready because if you’re not, it’s still coming.

This week is Valentine’s Day and you should make one of my most pinned recipes, Popcorn Surprise, so good! 


Below is Weekly Vlog #6 and I tilted this Real Talk because in the beginning, I talked about real-authentic stuff that I’m going thru and struggling with and what I’m doing to work thru my own personal struggles.

I hope you enjoy and talk to ya soon!



  1. Kathy DeMoville
    February 12, 2018 / 9:43 pm

    Love the blog – I check every day to see if you have posted a new one. You are going through a major change in your life, and it always is a time of reevaluation of your time here on Earth. Just keep on, find joy in something every day to help keep your spirits up, and know its okay to change your mind after trying something else. Love you, and I'm always available to talk if you need to.

      February 12, 2018 / 11:29 pm

      Thank you Aunt Kathy for your continued support and kind words. I appreciate you comments, Thanks again!-Jade

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