Our Valentine’s Day was super low key over here, but filled with class parties!💘

On our way to school I stopped at the grocery store in town and picked up the few things we signed up to bring in. Usually I never really know what “we” signed up for, it’s last minute, “Mom…we are supposed to bring drinks!” or “Mom, we need to bring in chips, but no dip, ha!”. 

Why aren’t we ever assigned napkins, lol!!!

After stopping at the store, we went and dropped Naomi off at preschool, since her school starts earlier.

Then it is off to drop the big kids off, I knew we wouldn’t be able to go thru carpool because they both needed to carry extra things. So we parked over by the gym and they walked in.

It was pretty foggy that morning as you can tell.

Now that all the kids were off, I went to the gym till 9 and then headed to Naomi’s class for the first party of the day.

Her teacher does a really good job with themed parties thru out the year and letting parents be involved. 

On this game they had to bite a popsicle stick and see how many candy hearts they could balance. 

After Naomi’s party, her and I headed home, ate lunch, cleaned up and went to Maddie’s class.

Maddie loves anytime I can attend any of her class parities since there isn’t as many as preschool.

She always gets a little silly and goofy!

They had a little Valentine’s Day song that they sang twice because they were just that excited.

I love to see how Maddie interacts with her peers and how the few girls guide her through the different activities.

On another note: Maddie is standing and sits next to the tallest kid in class, so it makes her look extra tiny, ha!

That’s all the pics I have from her party because I was helping serve and pass out food. There’s usually the same 3 parents that are there to help with all the parties and the teacher really appreciates it.

I don’t have any pictures from Bryce’s class because 1. he is a 5th grade boy and 2. he is a 5th grade boy and 3. I was acting low key about being excited to be in class with him, ha!

When Jarret got off work he picked up food for all of us and we enjoyed and kept it very low key! That was our Valentine’s Day and below is weekly vlog #7, whaaattt!!!??!

So far they have been weekly…☺


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