Hi Peeps, today I’m talking about Life Lately and let me start off by saying Happy Spring!!! 🌷🌷🌷 

More importantly, we made it thru another Midwest winter. Winters here are so unpredictable and you never know how they are going to go but this one felt looooong and punishing…

I know we are only in March and we still have chilly days, but I’ll take the warmer temps forsure.

I am welcoming Spring with open arms and I know the kids are too.

My mommy heart can’t believe how big Bumper is getting and that he’ll be in middle school next year.

The girls have been into playing dress-up lately and Naomi chose to wear her Elena of Avalor dress to the bus stop.

They also love to run around the house in their “clicky” shoes!

We LOVE taking family walks together.

During the week after dinner or in the morning after breakfast on the weekends. The kids are such troopers and now they ask me if we can go on a family walks!

The more challenging the better!

When we walk down to the creek, sometimes we will take a different route to mix it up or go further and see different parts we weren’t use to before.

 This was St. Patrick’s Day right after breakfast!

We just threw sweatshirts & jackets and went out the door.

I love to see Bryce in the wild.

Now that the time has changed and the temps are warmer, the kids are back on the circle swing all. the. time.

Spirit season 4 released on Friday and the girls binged watched it on Saturday!

Did I tell you that we canceled our cable at the end of the year?

Maddie had her 3 year post h.u.s. check up at her pediatric Nephrologist’s office last week.

We are doing good and all her levels are back to normal and have stayed normal, hallelujah!!!  

If you’d like to read more on her H.U.S. journey click here.

Since it hasn’t been so cold anymore, I’ve been walking to get the kids off the bus instead of driving the car with the heater on blast.

On March 8th was Naomi’s 2 year, “Gotcha” day anniversary, if you missed that post you can check it out here!

The kids have changed a lot over the last 2 years.

All decked out for school.

Below is my week #10 daily vlog and spoiler alert, this will be my last weekly vlog for a little bit. I’m going to take about 2 months off and pick up in the summer. I have a few things that I am working on personally and for my family and I need to focus most of my attention on those needs for now. 

I plan on putting videos up before then, but it won’t be a weekly vlog, maybe more like a day, Easter, a weekend??? Something more along the lines of that, at least for a little bit.
I will still be blogging, so check back weekly!

Talk to ya soon, 


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