Hi Friends, Happy Monday!

I’m not even going to start giving excuses on why my posts haven’t been consistent lately but, let me just tell ya, life has been stressful and hectic!!!

Maybe one day when I am not in such a transition, my posts will me be more regular. #fingerscrossed 

Pictures are in no particular order…

Bryce was playing up in his tree fort on Saturday afternoon, it was super windy outside so he didn’t stay up there very long, just long enough to set up a camera so he can do surveillance. 

Don’t let the picture fool you but, Harley was really excited to be laying on that cozy blanket inside the horse trailer. It was cold and windy outside, so this was a nice little wind break for him. Both Osa & Harley are going on a little vacation to Utah until we finalize a place! 

Loading up the Husquavarna riding mower, I love that mower!

Until we meet again Husky!

Post workout, sweaty-selfie! Lately I’ve been into H.I.I.T. on the treadmill (high intensity, interval training) and B.B.G. by Kayla Itsines. 

My typical breakfast lately has been flourless pancakes, you know the ones you make with a banana and eggs…

Walking to get the kids off the bus! 

We had some pretty nice weather during the week so I was sitting outside with Naomi while the big kids were still at school.

Lately Maddie has been a little reader! Early one morning she came down stairs finishing her Dr. Seuss library book, there’s nothing more that I love than hearing the kids read, ok maybe when they are not fighting or complaining, ha!

My current read right now is Girl, Wash your Face by Rachel Hollis and I’m loving it, I’ll probably finish it today.

Thursday the weather got to 82℉, waaahhhh, it hasn’t been nearly this warm all year and while I’m currently typing it’s 28℉ and looking like winter doesn’t want to leave!!! #byefelicia

On Thursday we were loading up some of the remaining things my parents still had on the farm and Naomi was getting a little dolly-ride by Grandma.

Later we went on an after dinner walk and Grandma let the kids use their hiking sticks.

Dreaming about warmer weather, lol! 🌅

That’s been our life lately, Have a Great day!


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    April 17, 2018 / 1:10 am

    Loving the pictures and hearing about your activities. It will all work out . . . just a new path to start walking and new adventures. . . family is there no matter where you are . . . always a phone call and text away . . . prayers, hugs and love to you all!

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