Hi Friends, today I wanted to share some random life lately pictures with ya! The weather here in Missouri has been hot & humid and we are not complaining!!! Since the weather has been pretty warm over the past few weeks, the snakes have been coming out, one day I saw 5… yes 5!!! We either relocated them to a field or if they were aggressive towards me, they took a dirt nap. Bye-Bye. Not today, not when I have young kids around. Sorry snake, you messed with the wrong Chica, lol!

In other news, ha, the cemetery has been so pretty lately. The grass is lush and green, the trees are full and on Friday there were older veterans putting flags in front of the head stones of people who served our country. 

I know I’ve explained it before but, in our town it’s a thing. This is where people go to walk or run a “track” style path. It’s mostly because this is the only location that is paved with enough area to get exercise! Last Wednesday the girls stayed home from summer school and walked with me. It wasn’t the normal amount of time I usually walk but we got a little exercise.

After walking I promised I would take them to the park to play before it got too hot.

This is a new section of play ground they put in that the girls hadn’t played on yet. 

On Saturday and Sunday Bryce exercised with his Mommy and the Girls stayed home with Dad! Bryce rode his bike while I power walked and it was h-u-m-i-d those morning!!! It did not take much for us to break a sweat!

Bryce would ride ahead and then catch up with me, ride ahead and catch up with me, he had fun!

This is the only place to where he has a big section of paved area to ride, otherwise he rides all over the farm.

This past weekend the kids played with the water, rode bikes, rode scooters, drove power wheels, ate yummy food, enjoyed a ton of popsicles and played water balloon games!

In the beginning of summer, right after school lets out, our schools offer summer school and since Naomi is going into kindergarten she was able to attend this year. 

When you think of summer school, you think uhhh, why would kids want to go…

Well our school make it fun, they go swimming everyday, go on field trips once a week, do cooking class, have p.e., recess and a little work, but it’s all in a fun way! 

Naomi absolutely LOVES going to summer school, eating in the cafeteria, playing on the “big” playground and feeling like a big girl.

Bryce likes going too because they go on weekly field trips, he gets to see his friends, goes to cooking class, computers, p.e. and Missouri history and lets be honest…he also gets away from his sisters, ha!

Maddie goes a few days here and there a week but gets a little overwhelmed because during summer school she doesn’t break off from her peers and go to her special ed class. She has to be with all her other peers the whole day and last week we had a day where she had a little melt down in the beginning of school because of how loud it was in the cafeteria and they let her go with her last year’s teacher for the day, which is teaching 1st graders. So needless to say she spent the whole day with the little kids and her teacher kept her busy. 

Alright, that’s my little update for today and now I need to get the kids ready for school, talk to ya soon!


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    May 30, 2018 / 3:03 pm

    I remember K C and M at the same age as Bryce, riding their bikes and doing the same thing while I walked with them too! Enjoy this summer and getting ready for your new adventures. Love to all!

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