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Today is my last installment of our summer road trip series and it’s just a few tips & tricks that worked well for us along the way!

road trip with kids, tips and tricks

These are in no particular order.

Drive while they sleep.

If you are a morning person get on the road early, like 4 a.m. early, and put your kids back to sleep in the car. This cuts down at least 2-3 hours of driving while the kids would of been awake. You also get to your destination earlier in the day!

It’s beautiful witnessing the early morning sunrise while you drive, this was in Wyoming!

I also let the kids bring their pillows from home and each of them had a Aiden + Anais baby blanket. I still had some from when Maddie was a baby and they worked great in the car, and fold up really small. 

Mind you this was a summer road trip. I probably would of brought something a little heavier or warmer if we were traveling in the colder months. 

They also work well from blocking the sun coming thru the windows.


Keeping the kids entertained while driving is huge!

My #1 recommendation is a DVD player or if you have an i Pad or tablet loaded with movies & games, bring that too.

This is the exact dual screen DVD player we had in the car for our road trip and it worked great!

I also had them bring some of their favorite toys in their backpacks.

Bryce had a tray similar to this one that worked great for when he wanted to build with his Legos. The also work great for keeping everything corralled together and if they are eating in the car, (kid’s meal etc.) they can place the meal on the tray.

This is the cell phone holder/mount I used and it worked great. I’ve bought one for both my Mom & Sister!

Counting down the hours. 

I saw this trick on Pinterest where you count down the hours visually and this works great if you have younger kids that don’t grasp time yet.

What you do is get post-it sticky notes, preferably ones that have full stick on the back, and you write down the time until you plan on stopping.

For example: If I left at 5 a.m., then when I hit the 6 a.m. hour we take that sticky down and when it’s the 7 a.m. hour, then we take that sticky down and so on and so forth. 

It visually helped the girls see how much longer we had driving and when we would get to the last 1 or 2 hours, they knew we were also done driving for the day.

This was a great trick I learned and I will be using this in the future!

 Stretch your legs.

Usually I would stop about mid day, for 30 minutes or so and let the kids stretch their legs and get some energy out. 

This was at a Cabela’s in Nebraska, we walked around outside and then walked a little inside.

We also stopped driving everyday around 4 o’clock and would check into a hotel. But before I would check in, I would fill the car up with gas so the next early morning I was all ready to go!

After we got settled I would take the kids swimming in the hotel’s pool.

Miscellaneous tips.

• Always have a cooler with snacks, mini water bottles and juice boxes.

• When you stop for gas, gather all the trash from in the car and throw it away!

• You should have a roll of paper towels, a roll of toilet paper, a package of baby wipes, a container of Clorox wipes, first aid kit and a grocery bag or two. This is the essentials I like to call it, so you’re prepared for anytype of mess.

• A medicine bag filled with children’s ibuprofen, benadryl,  nasal saline spray, thermometer, inhalers (if needed), adult ibuprofen and itch cream. 

• This is important, get you car serviced before a road trip and make sure your tires are good!!!

That’s all I can think of right now, if I think of something else, I will update the list.

If you need to catch up on our summer road trip series, click on the pictures below!


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    July 13, 2018 / 2:26 pm

    Great suggestions – love the pics, and that you made these memories with them. Awesome! I know how much this took Jade – you did an amazing job.

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