Happy Wednesday and thank you for coming back to my recap of our Summer Road Trip! If you need to catch up, here’s Part 1 & Part 2

Today I’m going to be sharing our road trip down to California and back to Missouri. My plan for California mostly revolved around my kids spending as much time as possible with their grandparents/my in-laws. Jarret’s parents live in Cali so they only get to see them once a year and they miss them very much.

While we were up in Utah my Dad’s dad came up from California and surprised my Dad, because he had never been up to the house and wanted to see where he lives. We had a nice quick visit with him and the next day he needed to head back home because the altitude was too much. It meant a lot to my Dad that he came.

The weekend before we left down to CA, my Papa fell while out running errands, which ended up landing him in the hospital and then transferred to a senior rehab facility. With that info and concern, we ended up leaving a day earlier and my Mom rode down with me to help with her parents.

Now that I’ve prefaced this post, let’s get started!

Driving down to California.

We are a get-up and drive early kind of family. I can stay up better in the early morning than in the evening. So our alarm clocks were set for 2:45 a.m. and we were on the road at 3:10 a.m. with the kids going back to sleep in the car.  

Excuse the sleepy, pale, tired face but this picture was taken at like 5 o’clock in the morning while my Mom was out walking little scruffy and letting her go potty.

First food stop on the way down was Del Taco!!! We used to love this fast food chain (still do), especially Jarret, but it’s a west coast thing so we only get it if we go west…

Bryce loves their chili cheese fries and so does my Mom. The girls don’t really know the love for Del Taco but they thought it was delicious!!!

After we finished we went back on the road and headed to my Sister’s house for a little break and to surprise my niece and nephews.

We pulled up and knocked on the door and my niece Holly was so excited to see the girls again. They miss each other so much!!!

Jer-Jer and Bryce are so much alike, he reminds me of Bryce & my Brother when they were little.

The next day my Sister came to my Grandma’s so she can see all her great grandchildren and to visit because she knew the rest of the time my kids would be at my in-laws.

Mehaffey Grandparents.

Every year since we moved, Bryce has gone out and spent a week with my in-laws while the girls stayed back in Missouri with us.

This year since we all came out, they all got to spend time with their Grandpa & Grandma! Bryce stayed 4 nights with them, Maddie 3 and Naomi 1. Naomi still needs to be with me and we weren’t quite sure how long Maddie would go but she did great and wanted to stay the whole time. That’s the first time Maddie has spent that many nights away from me… 

During the day we would go visit with them and Naomi would play/swim etc.  

During there visit they took them to see Incredible’s 2, out to eat multiple times, running errands, shopping and just spent quality time with them.

While they were there, they had a barbecue so more family could visit with them and on Sunday when I had to pick them up Bryce was not happy & so sad…and Maddie had the best time, but she was vacationed out.

All 3 can’t wait to go back and visit again, hopefully next time with Jarret and be able to visit with my sister-in law and her family because they were on vacation while we were in Cali and the kids miss them too!

Kid Free!

This was the first time in about 6 months or more that I was kid free! 

Which came with the realization that I need to find a babysitter in Missouri that I can utilize. Because usually I would use Mom or family but since I have neither here, I need to find someone.

So naturally with a whole kid free day I went and got my toes done.

Which I hadn’t done in a looooong time!!!

I need to make a point of taking care of myself more because I know when I’m better for myself, I am better for everyone else.

Next I went to the Mexican bakery to get a pink and orange cookie, this reminds me of my childhood and they are so good!!!

After that I went and visited with my Papa in the senior home. He looked so good and was up-beat and happy about his physical therapy etc.

The next day I went out and visited with my niece & nephew.

I wanted to find a shirt to wear to the barbecue my in-laws were having and I found a cute tee at Target!

I took Holly & Jer along and got them a little special.

I miss them so much!!!

Visiting Papa.

On Sunday after I picked up the kids from my in-laws, we all (Sister & her family, Mom, Grandma and Tia) went and had dinner and then visited with Papa in the “zen-garden”.

This was the first time my Papa & Grandma were in the presents of all 6 of their great-grandchildren! I’m sure they would of wished on different circumstances but, never-the-less they still got see them. 

Here’s the whole family in the “zen garden”.

After this the kids and I went back and packed the car down to leave at 3 a.m. the next morning.

Back to Utah.

On our way back to Utah we stopped in Mesquite and had our last go with Del Taco, until next time…

On our last day I was doing laundry, gathering our stuff from around my parent’s house and was packing the car back down for the 2 day drive back home.

We took an evening walk around the block and said bye to the baby horse that was born while we were there and…

Swung in the hammock that my Brother bought.

The road back home.

On the 4th of July we headed back for the Midwest via highway 70!

Again, I left around 4 a.m. and headed east. 

The kids slept, thankfully!

It was so nice when it started getting light because it is pretty dead out there on the eastern side of Utah.

When you travel on Hwy 70, coming from Utah, you get to go thru some pretty cool tunnels.

And most famously the Johnson Tunnel!

So cool!

While driving thru Western Colorado, most of the time you are driving next to the Colorado River. (70 Hwy.)

 Along the route we stopped to stretch our legs in Frisco, Co. This was perfect because they had restrooms in the rest area parking lot and a creek to walk along and play for the kids.

Frisco, Colorado Mehaffey Moments

At this point we had been in the car for many hours, so it was perfect for the kids to put their feet in the river, throw rocks and enjoy the scenery!

Frisco, colorado | Mehaffey Moments

My kids love the outdoors!

Back in the car and headed East. 

Don’t mind the roof top cargo bag’s straps or the additional tie-downs that my Dad insisted on…

I felt like I was driving in a service truck, lol!

In the cargo bag was luggage, beach towels, misc. and oh…a Husquavarna push mower!!!

I had never before been so happy to see Kansas!!!


We stopped for the night at the Hampton Inn, in Colby, Kansas.

I let the kids go swimming…

We ate some dinner, watched t.v. and got ready to head out bright and early the next morning.



affordable gas prices

Oh, hello reasonable gas prices…happy to see you again!

Those were the only two pictures I took on our second day of driving, I was exhausted when we finally got home!

The next day Jarret got home from being away at work and we were all so HAPPY to see eachother!

We ALL missed him very much!!!

Ta-dahhh, see there was a push mower up there, lol!!!

My Dad had an extra that was in good shape and ours was on it’s way out…

That’s it folks, now we are settling into our new house. Getting a little summer daily routine down and enjoying this down time before the kids are back in school.

If you missed Part 1 or Part 2, you can catch up below, just click on the link or picture!

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Thanks for tuning into my recap of our Road Trip and Friday I’m going to share my tips & trick for road tripping with kids!

Tune back in Friday and if you’re not following me on instagram, you should 😊! 


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  1. Vicki Elrod
    July 12, 2018 / 3:14 am

    It was a special and wonderful visit. Thankfully I can look at all your great pictures and remember this time with my family.

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