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We are back from an epic summer road trip that lasted a little over 3 weeks with the majority of it being in Utah. This trip was planned very loosely with an idea of an exit date, not a lot of plans and most days we did nothing but hang out at my parent’s house, take the kids swimming and a few destinations in mind.

This trip came at a great time because I was completely overwhelmed with moving, in the process of making some really tough decisions that would impact the kids and I just needed a change of scenery and to see my family.

A big part of this trip was just to have some help with the kids so I could relax. On the drive out to Utah, I told myself I wasn’t going to run myself ragged trying to see all the family, hit every destination or have the days filled with plans. This trip came with the intentions to spend most of our time in Utah and to leave back to Missouri feeling like I hit the reset button and to feel recharged. 

I know some of you might think, why didn’t Jarret go… 

Well because he is still under his first 6 months at work and can’t take any vacation time yet. He is also gone on the road working during the week and majority of our trip he would of been at work anyway. Unless we did a quick weekend thing around Missouri, we wouldn’t of been able to visit family and that really is our only time to see them since the kids are all in school. 

Summer Road Trip 2018 | Utah | Mehaffey Moments

Here are the stats.

We drove about 5,800 miles and at some point drove thru all these states: Missouri, Iowa, Nebraska, Wyoming, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, California, Colorado and Kansas! We saw a lot of beautiful country side on our road trip.

While we were away we celebrated my Dad’s birthday and my birthday.

My birthday was spent at Park City, Utah’s Olympic Park. 

Park City Utah, Olympic Park

This was one of the destinations I had in mind before we left Missouri and I shared it with Bryce. The girls weren’t old enough any how. 

This was challenging, scary, exciting and so much fun!

parkcity, utah extreme tubing

Mehaffey Moments, Park city, UT

We did zip lining, extreme tubing, and ropes courses. So many firsts!

Olympic Park, Park City, Utah

Olympic Park, Park City, Utah

This challenged Bryce and I to the point where our legs were shaking because you are pretty high up!

If you have older kids and are in the Park City area, I recommend hitting up Olympic Park, you will not be disappointed.

Daily schedule.

Our daily schedule while in Utah was very relaxed. This was intentional and was great for Maddie because she doesn’t like a lot of plans in one day and gets burnt out pretty quick.

Most days the kids enjoyed swimming at the local community pool…

And this little pool was perfect for Naomi because she doesn’t know how to swim all the way yet and she loved being able to swim with out a floatie, it was only 2ft. deep. 

They also had a splash pad that the kids loved!

We would also go for morning walks or go to the park. I like to do something active with the kids everyday.

The kids also consumed a lot of popsicles, slushies and snow cones!

The perfect treats for HOT summer days!

My Sister, her kids and Tia came to Utah.

During our second week in Utah my sister came to my parent’s house and my Tia Rocky rode with her from California for help and to visit as well.

This was the first time all 6 of the kids had ever been together and our first time seeing baby Jakey in person!

The kids were so happy being together and I just love my little nephew Jer-Jer, he reminds me of Bryce when he was little.

The girls loved baby Jake and they say he reminds them of Boss-Baby, lol!

And of course I missed my girl Holly, she reminds me so much of her Mom!

Seeing them all get to play together in the backyard was priceless!

Bridal Veil Falls.

One of our family outings was to Bridal Veil Falls outside of Provo. You get to see a beautiful waterfall and walk along side of the river. 

Bridal Veil Falls, Utah Mehaffey Moments

The Elrod siblings and a little Jakey!

Who knew we would all live in different states in our adult lives…?

Bridal Veil Falls, Utah

Just the girls!

Bryce and Naomi decided to climb up the rocks towards the falls, brave kiddos!

Maddie and Holly hung out down below!

My Aunt Kathy drove down from Washington and hung out with us for a few days and she got to experience Bridal Veil Falls too! 

Bridal Veil Falls, Utah

This is somewhere we will comeback with Jarret next summer and Maddie at this point was done!

I’m not sure what kind of face Naomi was doing but, she is at that age of the awkward weird smiles, lol! I know Bryce & Maddie went thru this stage too, where you look back and think what is she doing and then other times is a nice natural smile.

Tune in tomorrow for part 2 because there is just way too much to share and break down in one post!

Now to finish unpacking from our trip and from our move, get back to our summer schedule and life, ha!

Make sure to tune in tomorrow,


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