Part 2 of our Summer Road Trip and if you missed Part 1 you can catch up here!

Summer Road Trip, Utah Yuba Lake

Today I’m sharing our day at the Yuba Lake State Park, dinner with family-friends and staying connect with Jer.

These were some of my most favorite days, enjoy! 

The kids loved sitting and eating a snack on the back patio at my parent’s house, even if it was chips, ha! #parentsoftheyear 

The love for Jakey. 

This was our first time meeting my nephew/their cousin Jake and everyone just fell in love, he is the most perfect little guy! He was born at the end of August and for many reasons weren’t able to visit or meet him until the summer but we did many, many video chats to see him.

Naomi loved little Jakey and kept wanting him to sit in her lap. We really aren’t around any babies in our everyday life, so I wasn’t sure if she was going to be all about him or not…

This is funny because Maddie is anti-baby, she doesn’t like to hear kids crying, nursery rhymes, or anything “babyish” as she says. But she couldn’t resist the charm and love she had for him.  

Yuba Lake State Park.

Yuba Lake isn’t too far from my parent’s house and whats nice is there is a huge beach front where you can set up camp and be right on the beach.

This was perfect for all the kids considering their ages.

Yuba Lake State Park Utah

As soon as we set up camp, we rented a kayak and a stand up paddle board.

Jake loved the water and would start crawling faster to get to it!

This was the first time we ever did stand up paddle boarding and all the kids loved it, especially Bryce!

Bryce is such a water-boy and took to it really quick, he was in his element!

My Sister picked up some buckets and shovels for the kids to play with!

Yuba Lake State Park, Utah

We all took turns taking the little ones out on the water.

When we were way out on the water, Maddie said she felt like Moana and Naomi was singing the Moana songs!

Yuba Lake State Park, Utah

We all had the best day at the lake and went home full of sun and sand! Next year we will come back for more!

Backyard weenie roast & s’mores.

Our family friends, who we new from back in California, had us all over for a weenie roast. You know where you roast your hot dog over an open fire and roast s’mores!

Bryce helped build the fire for the roast.

Fun Fact: I worked in John’s vet practice one summer as the receptionist!

Monni is a retired teacher, so naturally she had them all sitting in a circle playing toys. 

Playing on old toys.

I wish I snapped more pictures but, my sister and I ended up roasting all the hot dogs and marshmallows because it was too hot for the kids. 

Staying connected.

While we were away and Jarret was off at work. We would stay connected by video chatting everyday. Since we have android phones we use the video app called Duo. Getting to talk thru video doesn’t make you feel so far away all the time! 

We would talk some days before he would go out on his jobs or after he got off work and texting back and forth throughout the days with pictures updating on what we were up to.

We use this app during the regular week too because Jarret works away from home, he talks to the kids everyday and gets to see us and we get to see him.

If you didn’t see Part 1, you can check it out here. Tomorrow’s post is going to be about heading down to California and our road trip home.

See you tomorrow,


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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    July 13, 2018 / 2:19 pm

    Great pics! That day at Yuba Lake was so fun – love that we all got to be together.

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