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Hey Friends! Today I wanted to share some pictures of life-lately and what our summer routine has been like!

our summer routine as a family of 5

When we got back from our road trip,  I really wanted to start settling into the house, continue to unpack, reorganize and get a little summer schedule going. Before we left, I was still running back and forth from the old house, finishing things up, the kids were still in summer school and the house wasn’t fully unpacked yet.

Now that we’re in a groove, I wanted to share and of course some other random pictures.

Summer routine

My morning starts at about 4:45, that’s when I have my coffee and either work on my blog or just cruise Pinterest or check email or read other blogs. This is my quiet time since I’m naturally an early riser.

When the kids start waking up they usually watch a little morning t.v. or something on Netflix or YouTube.

Then we eat breakfast and weather permitting, we go on a morning walk or they ride their bikes while I walk.

When we come back we usually do a few morning chores and the kids have a morning chore checklist that needs completing.

It’s pretty simple: make beds, get dressed, brush teeth, comb hair and pick up dirty clothes.

In the evening is when we do more of the cleaning.

Mid-morning is when I usually go to the grocery stores, run errands etc. if I need anything before it gets too hot!

If we don’t, then the kids just play.

On this random day of grocery hauling, we decided to get a “sit-down” lunch…

the kids are funny because they thought this was fancy!

(Side note on Famous Dave’s, not impressed. It’s like eating fast food barbecue.)

Next, we usually go to the pool.

Now, this could be anywhere from 11-3 o’clock, I don’t have a set time for anything. That’s the beauty of a summer schedule unless we have an appointment or something.

Our community pool has a snack bar and I normally bring a few dollars and let them pick a little snack to eat while they dry off. They love this little special treat!

After swimming we go home, change out of bathing suits and the kids chill out by watching a movie, playing toys etc. while I do a few things or get dinner going.

The girls have also been doing ABCmouse.com, which we’ve loved for years!

After dinner, we usually go outside and I watch them ride their bikes, scooters or whatever and hopefully by this time it has cooled down a bit.

Mind you, we eat dinner early, like 5 o’clock early!

Then we do our p.m. chores.

Naomi & Bryce pick up the living room. Bryce vacuums. Naomi wipes down the counter in the bathroom and Maddie Swiffer the kitchen floor. Also, they all have to pick up the toy messes that they made throughout the day.

So in the morning when we wake up the house is clean and all they have to do is get themselves ready for the day and make their beds.

Before bed the girls usually watch an episode of their favorite cartoon and Bryce plays video games. This is their wind down time.

That my friends is our summer routine.

Other Randomness

The girls got bunk beds and they absolutely love them!!!

And Bryce is still sleeping on an air mattress…we plan to get him a new bed this weekend.

Jarret enjoying his day off.

(Don’t mind the mess in the background, all that has been dealt with.)

Maddie’s still loving her Kinetic Sand!

Naomi’s still loving her Magna-Tiles!

And that my Friends is pretty much our life lately, soaking in all the summer downtime before school starts back up…

Alright, talk to ya soon, need to go do some yard work before it gets too hot!

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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    August 2, 2018 / 1:01 pm

    AMAZING pictures. Text them to me please. Love to all!

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