Last Thursday was the First Day of School and on this particular day, it was the first of many!!!

First off, we have a middle schooler and that is just crazy for me to really think about…

Bryce is half way to being a senior in high school!

He was really nervous to start middle school because of going to a new school and not really knowing anybody and, it isn’t elementary school anymore.

But he did great and had a good day and wasn’t as nervous the second day. (That made my mommy heart happy!) Since today will be his first full week of classes, I’m hoping for a great first week where he will make some new friends and gets more comfortable with his new school.

This picture was taken the morning of me dropping Bryce off at school and this was about all I could get of him & school. lol You know middle schoolers, you are not aloud to take their pictures at school…

Now back home to get the girls ready for school!

Another first this year is that Bryce starts school earlier and gets out earlier than the girls, luckily we aren’t too far from the school for going back and forth.

Naomi didn’t have her backpack because it was already at school. The kindergarten teachers wanted us to bring their backpacks and school supplies on meet the teachers night so the kids wouldn’t need to be fumbling around with everything the first day, since nerves would be high.

The first two days parents were able to walk their kids to class, but this week they have to walk on their own. So this will be the very first time that Naomi walks herself to class without me!

The only thing we forgot was to bring in a change of clothes.

Naomi has been anticipating school starting all summer and was so excitedly-anxious to start kindergarten.

When we came into class, the kids got their name tag and picked a spot to sit at. I think they can choose where ever they want to sit and this is the spot she choose.

I reassured her that I would see her when she gets out of school and I was off to take Maddie to class.

Thursday and Friday Maddie was to start in her homeroom class to get use to her new classmates and get use to her new teacher.

We found her cubby and went and found her seat. The first two days they’re assigned and this week they get to pick where ever they wanted.

This is where Maddie’s seat was! She was excited to start school and nervous because she didn’t know how the day was going to go. I reassured her that I would see her at the end of the day and I left. She was so brave and happy!

When I picked Naomi up from Kindergarten she came blasting out the door, happy as could be! She loved school and loved her teacher. When I asked her what she did on her first day, all she could remember is what she ate at the cafeteria, and if you know Naomi, then this wouldn’t surprise you!

Then it was off to get Maddie from the main entrance where her class is dismissed…

*About an hour before I picked up Naomi, I received a phone call that went straight to voicemail for some reason, it was the school. They left a message saying that Maddie fell on the play ground, thought I should know but she is fine and back in class.

So I knew she fell on the playground but, when I saw her come out the doors and look at me, I could tell something was wrong by the face she was making at me and how she was holding & favoring her arm. If there is one thing I know for sure, I know Maddie, all the looks, all the different attitudes etc., I know her.

When Naomi and I walked over to her, I asked her if she was ok and that I heard you fell on the playground… She started crying and said my arm is getting “puffy” (swollen) and I can’t move it. When I prompted her to let me touch it or have her move it for me she would cry out because of the pain. Right then and there I knew we needed to go to Urgent Care and get x-rays.

It was confirmed, she broke her arm, on the first day of school!

I mean…this was a first for sure.

She broke it about 2 inches above her elbow, on the backside of her arm.

This is the first time we’ve had a child break a bone and now no school until we see orthopedics later this week.

The first two days were rough with pain & swelling and getting use to having her arm in a sling.

After we dropped off Bryce & Naomi for day 2 of school, Maddie and I went to get some groceries and we let her get this little kitty she’d been wanting for a long time.

It’s been hard for Maddie to not be able to do certain things so easily because she hurt her right-hand, her dominate hand, so there’s been a lot of frustration and crying!

And that my friends was the first of many different things on our First Day of School 2018!

Talk to ya soon,




  1. Vicki Elrod
    August 21, 2018 / 12:51 pm

    Everyone looked happy for the first day of school! So sad Maddie broke her arm. I'll be there soon.

  2. Kathy DeMoville
    September 5, 2018 / 1:37 pm

    Awww-it will be ok soon Maddie! Your cousin Chris broke his arm two years in a row (K and 1st) at the start of school, when he was little. Your kitty is so cute. Love to all.

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