Future of my Blog – Hi friends and family! Are you as happy as I am that it’s September? I love September, that’s when the weather here starts to change, you can feel it in the air and it just gets you excited for Fall!!!

I know I’ve been a little absent here lately with updates on how we’re doing and what we are up to etc., it’s not on purpose, I’m just getting a list of things done now that the kids are finally back in school.

One of the things I will say and talk about later in this post is, I’m going to be changing the content of what I blog about and share, keep reading!

Let me give you all an update!

Over the weekend

Usually, on Saturday or Sunday we go out to eat as a family and it’s usually a late lunch or early dinner. We also like to have a nice family meal at home too.

family selfie

This weekend we had the least amount of time with Jer because he just came off working two weeks of nights, then switching back to days and having to report to the panhandle of Texas to weld this week. Which means he had to leave here after breakfast for the long drive!

We pretty much only had Saturday as a family of five, ha!

After Naomi’s soccer game and Bryce’s football games were canceled due to rain, we went out to eat for lunch at a little Mexican taco shop that we all love.

The girls were sitting at their own little table being silly, right next to us and…

family selfie at resturant

Bryce sat with Mommy & Daddy!

walking on nature trail

After Jarret left Sunday morning, we went for a walk to get some exercise and enjoy the crisp fall air. It was so refreshing!!!

This weekend was our first crisp, cool morning.

It was nice to walk and not instantly start to sweat from the humidity.

The kids were looking over the bridge at all the fish swimming around.

The water was really clear because of all the rain we got over the weekend.

We wrapped up our morning walk with donuts (which we haven’t had in a long time), we cleaned up the messy girl’s room, played outside and got ready for the week ahead!

A little life lately

Here’s a random assortment of pictures from over the last two weeks.

Bryce playing robots with the little boy from next door, he’s also in kindergarten like Naomi.

He loves robots as much as Bryce!

Playing r.c. cars.

The girls playing with the neighbor girls.

Naomi had her first soccer game!

She was so nervous all the way to the field and I think after the game went on she started to settle down.

Maddie finally figured out how to ride her bike with a cast on!

Sidenote: She gets her cast off this Wednesday, yay!

We bought a couch or shall I say, a big sectional to fit the whole family!!! This is the first time Jarret and I have ever bought a couch and it was way overdue.

I can just imagine watching movies, everyone have their own spot, being cozy on cold winter days, the fireplace on, etc…

When Jarret was on night’s these last few weeks, he didn’t have to leave til lunchtime on Monday, so we would go walk, get something to eat, run some errand, sans kids. It was nice!

Bryce at football practice.

On this particular day, Naomi has practice at the same time but her’s is only 45 minutes to an hour and Bryce’s is 2 hours.

So after I drop Bryce off at the football field, I head back to Naomi’s practice field and after her’s is over, we head back to watch the last hour of Bryce’s practice, few!

The girls are still riding in their power wheels jeep!

Watch our new video, for little clips from our week!

What I’m looking forward to

My favorite season is Fall, hands down!!!

This feels like my New Year. Everything gets back to normal, I love watching Bryce play football, I love the crisp morning air, I just love the coziness of it all.

I’m also looking forward to the new Fall Harvest lineup on Hallmark, which starts later this month.

I just love this time of year, it awakens my soul!!!

Mehaffey Moments blog

Let me first start out by letting all my family know that I am not shutting my blog down. You will still be kept abreast with pictures, updates, and videos but, just not as often.

My goal is to once a week update you all on Wednesdays of what’s been going on etc! If you want more day-to-day updates, then I encourage you to follow me on Instagram as well.

The reason I’m changing my blog and its content is that it was an old chapter in my life. I’ve changed and grown with this blog over the years and I just don’t feel inspired or excited to share about the things that once excited me. All my old content with still be here for reference etc.

I am at a different stage in my life and as much as I would have loved to still share our farm life, family, being all together all the time etc., that chapter closed and I’m ready to write a new one.

I’m excited to take this blog in a new direction and share with you all some of the things that I’m passionate about now and what inspires me! 
To change is to evolve right?

I hope you stay tuned and that you’re patient as my content begins to change!

Talk to ya soon,


  1. riley elrod
    September 11, 2018 / 12:48 pm

    Can't wait to see the new changes

  2. Kathy DeMoville
    September 12, 2018 / 5:39 pm

    Love the pics-and seeing how happy all of you are in this life adventure path. Bryce's haircut looks great! Enjoy that new sectional, and lots of cozy fall evenings.

  3. Vicki Elrod
    September 19, 2018 / 4:18 pm

    Waiting anxiously for the new blog.

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