Hey friends! Last week I took a social media break, a detox if you will, from Facebook and mainly Instagram. It ended up being 8 full days, I logged out on Friday morning and didn’t log back in till the following Saturday morning; and it felt great!
I have to admit, it was weird not checking Instagram regularly and seeing what people were posting etc. It was becoming mentally unhealthy and I was spending way too much time on social media. I felt myself getting too interested in what other people were posting or what they did over the weekend, and then you start to fall into this rabbit hole.

7 steps to take a social media break



I was inspired to “logoff” social media from Erin at Busbeestyle, she did a whole video talking about comparing yourself to others, not following people that make you feel less than and setting limits for yourself on social media. 

Logging off Instagram & Facebook can be very beneficial and healthy for anyone, even if you feel that you have yourself under control. You can use it as a reset and use that time to focus on yourself and your family.

7 Steps to take a Social Media Break.

1. Set a date and determine how long your break with last.

    (I would recommend at least 1 week or longer for best results)

2. Properly logoff/sign out of the app on your phone or computer. Even delete the app if you have to.

3. Let some of your family know if that is how they keep updated.

4. While you are signed out, take account of how you really feel, dig deep. Do something for yourself, do some self-work, be present and in the moment.

5. Keep taking pictures! A lot of times we only take pictures to post them later, take pictures for yourself or your family’s memories.

6. When you log back on, set limits for how much time you will spend on social media. What time of day will you check, (not all day, every day) and turn off the sound notifications so you aren’t tempted to check when you are busy with other tasks that need your attention.

7. Unfollow anyone that isn’t making you feel good about yourself. Block followers that don’t support you and don’t need to be there.

Logging back in.

When you log back in, I really encourage you to be mindful of how you feel when you are on social media. Are you following someone that puts you in a funk? Is there someone that makes you feel envious? Those are the people you need to unfollow!!!
Follow people or hashtags that make you feel good about yourself, people or things that inspire you or your creativity. Those are the people and hashtags you need to follow. 

We all have enough stress in our daily lives, don’t let social media be one of them.

How to take a social media break




In this post, I hope I inspired you to take a social media break and gave you all the best steps that I used on my break. It was like setting a mini reset button. Next time my break will be for 2 weeks! 

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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    September 12, 2018 / 5:25 pm

    Well said Jade! I was forced to do this when my facebook account was hacked, and now I only check my Instagram account occasionally (once a month maybe). It took some getting used to, but It also made me focus more on my life presently. Love to all!

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