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Hey Friends, it’s that time where I share our Life Lately! It’s mostly a summary of what’s been going on in the past week and one of my favorite style blog posts to write. Another thing, it’s October!!! The beginning of the fourth quarter, the last 90 days. Once Halloween hits, I feel like the year goes by so quick! But, I love October, it’s one of the best months here in the Midwest.

Life Lately.

This past week we’ve been talking Halloween costumes and so far (it changes daily) Maddie wants to be a unicorn, Naomi wants to be a fairy or butterfly and Bryce wants to be a blowup dinosaur. You know those costumes that have a blower inside and they look all inflated? Yeah, so I will probably wrangle those costumes together this week before everything starts to get picked over!

I love this quote from Ann of Green Gables, “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers.”

Naomi’s getting older.

Another year, another Doctor’s appointment!

This past week Naomi and I went to her 6 year old well visit and she is a strong and healthy 6 year old, the only thing that we are checking ever 6 months are her eyes because of how severe the prescription is in her left eye. We use to go every 3 months, now it’s every 6. The ophthalmologist, whom I love, wants to be sure that she is always in the right prescription and her eyes aren’t straining at all.

Naomi was not happy that she had to wear the little gown, haha, I told her to just put it on, it’s not that big of a deal!

If you want to see a cute video of Naomi singing one of her kindergarten songs, click the video above.↑

Robot Builder.

To say that Bryce is a master Lego robot builder, this isn’t coming from a bias opinion. He really is amazing at turning a pile of Legos into a robot. He builds at least one robot a day from his imagination or more.

I am constantly finding Legos all over the house because he builds in the living room, his room, in the car, on the table…he just carries around this tray that I got from the craft store and builds.

Or the other day, he got an idea while he was in the shower and just had to build this Lego robot before he went to bed. He has a creators mind, which also comes along with a lot of day dreaming and a lot of forgetfulness…which I know will take him far in life! He has big dreams♥

Sunshine Walk.

I took a sunshine walk around lunchtime on Friday and look at how many turtles there were!?

More of them dove down when I came closer but, take my word, there were a lot!

A sunshine walk is when you take a little walk or break mid-day and go outside for a little sunshine, get the blood moving and some fresh air. Then you go back to completing the tasks at hand.


Saturdays are for Soccer, Football and family time.

Maddie usually goes with her Dad to Bryce’s football games and then Naomi and I meet up with them when we are done. But on this particular Saturday, Jarret and Bryce left about an hour before we needed to leave for soccer, so Maddie stayed with us girls.

Naomi warming up before the game!

Maddie is becoming such a big girl and still so young in others ways.

Game time!

Parenting is tough.

Then we switched gears to Football.

This football season, Jarret and I vowed to be encouraging and supportive (which we always are) the whole season without being critical, or too constructive. The hard thing is to know when to push, when to encourage (which we always do), and when there needs to be a little tough love or to just completely back off and let it be… You need to have the right amount of each when teaching sports, raising kids and in life.

Bryce’s personality is “B” type effort, unless its robots, lol. He will do his job, he will learn what he needs to but, he will not go above and beyond or lay it all out on the field so to speak. So it’s hard when Jarret and I both know he has way more talent than he puts out, because we’ve seen it, but he has to have that drive.

For Jarret and I, it’s tough because we are not like that, especially me so I really have to remind myself that this is his journey and he is not like me, I just need to support, encourage and guide him. [deep breath] #lifeofaparent

Bryce is one of the kids on the left side of the line (left tackle), he rotates in.

Instant Pot.

We got an Instant Pot, a Pioneer Woman Instant Pot and we are trying to figure it out.

They are overwhelming at first, I’m still a little overwhelmed but I’m learning. We are trying to use it as much as possible on the weekends when Jarret’s home.


This past weekend we made homemade carnitas, they came out so good and tender!

Jarret was in charge of shredding the meat and he’s becoming a lot more comfortable in the kitchen. Saturday is the day we usually make a big home cooked family dinner.

Mommy’s in Missouri.

My mom flew in yesterday to spend a week with us and see where we live! We moved over summer, then visited my parents in Utah, so this was the first time she’s been back to Missouri since they moved.

I had a walking partner this morning, yay!

I never get tired of this view…

The kids are loving having Grandma in town and so am I, love the extra helping hand.

Missouri water way, james river

This is Missouri!

Fall Decor.

If you haven’t seen my Mini Fall Decor tour, check it out here.

That’s Life Lately…well visit check up, Lego robots, soccer, football, parenting and a new instant pot. 

Talk to ya soon,



    October 9, 2018 / 6:21 pm

    I had the best visit with the grandkids. I miss them terribly already๐Ÿ’™๐Ÿ’œ๐Ÿ’œ

    • mehaffeymoments
      October 10, 2018 / 6:53 pm

      We miss you too, thanks for all the help!

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