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Hi friends, goodbye Halloween, and Happy November 1st! Two things happen on November 1st: first it’s my niece Holly’s birthday and second, its officially the Christmas season, yay!!! I feel like as soon as it turns November 1st the rest of the year goes by so fast!

November 1st Meme

This morning on our way to school we listened to Kidz Bop Christmas in the car and it’s starting to festive!


Happy Birthday my little Holly-B! I love your sassiness and when you give your Mom a hard time, lol!

Halloween 2018

We survived the wet and rainy Halloween 2018…the only thing missing was Jarret!

As you can see, Maddie was a Blow-up Unicorn, Bryce was the Headless-Horseman and Naomi was a cute Butterfly!

Group selfie in the entry way before heading out!

Everyone loved Bryce’s costume when we were out trick or treating!

In the past, we’ve never really decorated outside for Halloween because we never had trick or treaters, but next year the kids want me to decorate with lights and inflatables. I told them next year we will do it up!

Trail Riding

Over the weekend we all went to a biking/walking trail. I’ve been wanting to go to this particular trail for a while but wasn’t sure exactly how to get there and it’s something I wanted to do when Jarret was home.

We loaded up our bikes on the bike rack my Aunt Teri got us and headed for the trail. The weather was perfect and the colors were even better!

The kids love riding their bikes, and it’s always fun riding your bike on trails.

There is nothing I love more than getting the kids outside and being active!

The colors were beautiful this past weekend!

Typical Mom-Life: You can’t make them all happy!

I feel like this is a quintessential Missouri photo!

No training wheels!

The next day we tried riding without training wheels and they both did great!

I didn’t get a good picture of Naomi because she was zipping all around like a natural and Maddie needed a little more help and practice, hence why I only got a picture of her. But I do have a little video below!

All right Y’all, Happy November 1st and I will see ya soon!

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