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Hello and Happy Wednesday, welcome to Life Lately!

Life Lately is where I share what we’ve been up to over the past week and update you on all things Mehaffey.

December is such a weird weather month here in Missouri, sometimes it’s absolutely freezing❄, sometimes it’s in the 50’s⛅(which is welcomed), sometimes it’s raining☔ , sometimes it’s snowing⛄ or like the other night, extreme tornado warnings🌀! Yeah, the weather has been all over the board this month and we are switching a lot of our after school playtime from outdoors to indoors.

This is not an easy transition when you have been accustomed to playing outside everyday after school until dinner time! But at the same time when it’s below freezing, they don’t want to be out there either. So what this means is I need to get my butt in gear and get our art/game closet organized with things to do so they aren’t bouncing off the walls!

Just like they’ve had to take their outdoors-in, I’ve switched my outdoor exercise to now going to the gym….wah-wah…


I use to go to the gym straight after dropping the kids off at school, but now I’ve been going after lunch and timing it to when I have to go get Bryce. It’ s a lot less busy!

While I’m on cardio machines I like to: Watch YouTube videos, Hello Vlogmas, watch a series on Netflix or Listen to Podcasts. It takes your mind off of what you are doing when you are watching something, at least it does for me.

Speaking of vlogmas, I did say a month or so back that I was thinking of doing vlogmas and I was planing on it all the way up until Thanksgiving and I decided not to. It honestly would of been too much! I want to do my best with the content on this blog and also all the duties with being a full-time stay-at-home-Mom. Maybe next year…I still have hope for another vlogmas🎅!

Advent Calendars 2018

If you didn’t read my Holiday Gift Guide post, then you probably didn’t know that I’ve been keeping a surprise from the kids since October!

We purchased toy advent calendars for the kids to open this year, I surprised them on Saturday and they were so excited!!!

Toy Advent Calendars

I came out of the room carrying all 3 and the kids started going nuts!

I am so glad I purchased these early.

Lego City Advent CalendarHatchimals Advent CalendarLittle People Advent Calendar

Maddie was, as she says “freaking out” over the Hatchimal calendar!

Also, Maddie likes to refer to this shirt as her “hospital shirt”. It reminds her of a hospital gown.😊

Okay, we started with day 1!

If you want to follow along with us and our Advent Calendars, tune into my instagram stories! I will be posting us opening our advent calendars every afternoon.

I’m so glad we did this!

I’ve since decorated their Advent calendar area with a string of lights, it’s just what it needed!

Holiday Lights

Our town puts on a drive-thru holiday light show in the park and we drove thru to check it out.

This is just a bridge we drove thru leading up to the park.

Here we are, they suggest you tune your radio to a Christmas station, turn your headlights off and drove slow.

I thought it was very well organized and it turned out great!

The kids loved it and the cost is by donation, it all benefits the park.

This week

This week I’m looking to get caught up on content for my blog and if you ever have any suggestions on posts or something you may be interested to hear me talk about in the coming year, leave a comment and I’ll see if it’s something that works, let me know!

I also want to work on organizing all the closets, especially now that they are inside playing more, Bryce’s has turned into a dumping ground!👀

While the kids are in school I want to start wrapping presents so on Christmas eve I’m not sitting there having a wrapping marathon, lol!

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  1. Kathy DeMoville
    December 7, 2018 / 3:38 am

    LOL but I love the wrapping marathons-especially if there is a Hallmark Christmas movie on : )

    • mehaffeymoments
      December 7, 2018 / 9:56 pm

      My Mom loves a wrapping marathon while she watches Hallmark too!

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