Have you seen the 10-year challenge that has been going around on social media?! Well, I put one together for us because 10 years ago it was just me, Bryce and Jarret. The Mehaffey Trio! I’m glad it was just us 3 for so long, we had a lot of time to just spoil Bryce and learn what parenting was all about. Although…do you really know? I know even to this day as a parent to 3 school age kids, I’m winging it and always changing my parenting style for what each individual kid needs at this time and what is best for them.

To be honest, I miss this little guy! Parenting a pre-teen is hard work, but at the same time, I love seeing the young man he is turning into.

A lot can happen in 10 years but two things remained the same, Jarret & I are still married and I’m still a Mom but now to 3 amazing kids! I know I’m a different person then I was 10 years ago, what was important to me back then, isn’t as important to me now, I’ve experienced loss, sadness, I’ve learned a lot and I hope I keep growing and learning for the rest of my life.

Awww Baby Jarret and Baby Bryce! I love this picture, this picture was taken when Jarret & I took Bryce camping in Bishop, CA. We went in October of 2009, we camped in a tent and I remember it was so cold! We also had a dull hatchet to split wood and it was like trying to chop wood with a butter knife, lol!

Fast forward 10 years and your house’s main source of heat was by wood, you learn how to chop & split wood pretty quick!!!

Jarret is now in a new career field as a welder, Bryce is in middle school and is trying out for the robotics team in the spring and we live in Missouri! The list can go on and on, but with each passing year there’s always a lesson to be had and I hope we all keep learning and growing as a family.

A little update on the kids.

Bryce is loving his trampoline, no matter the weather!

p.s. that’s ice on the trampoline.

Jarret was anchoring the trampoline down with straps and anchors specifically to keep it from flying away in a wind storm!

Now that the weather is cold and we have to be inside more, we are going thru all the things to keep us busy. With that being said, Naomi loves to play dress up and this time she put on every dress-up skirt she had!

Maddie has beautiful, thick, long hair and the other morning she asked if I could curl her hair before school. Because her hair is so thick and we didn’t have much time, I curled a few in the front and she loved it. Before we went to school, we ended up pulling it back because she didn’t want it to get in her face when she was doing her work.

All the kids are growing and changing so much, the older they get the time seems to be going faster!

10 years from today-Bryce will be 22, Maddie 18 and Naomi 16…I want to make these next 10 years count.

Talk to ya soon,


  1. vicki elrod
    January 18, 2019 / 3:20 pm

    I miss lil Bryce also. A lot has happened in the past ten years. You and Jarret have pushed thru and survived a lot of ups and downs that would of broken most couples. You guys are good together. The next ten years are going to be great for the Mecheckies!!

  2. Kathy DeMoville
    January 20, 2019 / 4:46 pm

    LOVE this update and all of you! Great reflection Jade.

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