Spring Break 2019

Hi Friends! Today is our first day back from Spring Break and it was a hard start for the kids this morning. This year I signed Bryce & Naomi up for Spring Break Day Camp and it worked out great since we stayed home. The camp went on daily field trips, swimming, and had p.e., movies and games. It was the perfect things to keep them busy, engaged and having fun!

Since camp is too overstimulating for Maddie, we had our own set of fun with little trips during the day and a little hoorah trip to the zoo. It was the perfect amount of activity for Maddie since she likes to have a lot of free-time.

Nature Trails.

Saturday & Sunday was beautiful, the sun was out and it was warm! We are ready for Spring to be here and the warmer temps to stay. Since the weather has been so gloomy and wet, we haven’t been out on the trails in a while, at least not as a family.

So we packed everyone up and headed for the trails, of course with a fair amount of whining!

spring break 2019 - nature trail selfie

Shameless parent selfie!

spring break 2019 - nature trail

As soon as we got out, the kids had fun!

spring break 2019 - nature 2019

Bryce was the leader of the pack and lead the way!

spring break 2019 - nature trail

We took it slow and stopped along the trail to see the water on parts of the trail that usually isn’t there.

spring break 2019 - nature trail

Our kids love this kind of stuff!

spring break nature trail

As much belly-aching as our kids like to do, it’s good to just get them out and their moods quickly change.

spring break nature trail

Finished a 3-mile nature trail and everyone survived!

Zoo Trip with Mommy and Maddie.

To round out Maddie’s Spring Break, we went to the zoo! The top 2 things that Maddie loves are animals and stuffed animals. So a trip to the zoo and being able to pick out a cute stuffed animal in the gift shop before we walked around was the highlight of her day.

This second semester of school has been really difficult for Maddie and being able to have some special time with her this past week meant a lot to me. I was able to talk to her one-on-one, reassure her and she had my undivided attention.

spring break - zoo

The day we went to the zoo it was really windy! Not too cold but, very gusty!

spring break - zoo

We still had lots of fun and Maddie loved petty all the animals in the petting zoo and feeding them pellets.

spring break - zoo

spring break - zoo

spring break - zoo

spring break- zoo

Another highlight of the zoo was being able to feed the giraffe!

spring break - zoo

You pay for Wasa crackers from the stand and hold your hand out and wait. I think the giraffes have learned that when people are standing with their hands out, they have snacks!

spring break - zoo

Maddie loved feeding the giraffe crackers!

spring break - zoo

spring break zoo

Bryce & Naomi were happy that Maddie got to go to the zoo. They knew she wanted to go on some of the fun field trips they got to go on but could handle the whole day of camp or the many activities. Supporting each other is important!

Our Spring Break was pretty mild this year, but it was still fun. Now we all can’t wait till summer…is it summer break yet!?!

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  1. vicki elrod
    March 18, 2019 / 12:29 pm

    Maddie looked so happy at the Zoo. It was nice you were able to visit the zoo with her and have special Maddie time.

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