Easter Break 2019

Hi Friends! Our weather over Easter Break was beautiful!!!

We spent most of our time outdoors. The last couple of years the weather on Easter had been freezing! But this year, it was warm and we soaked up the sun and had fun!

One thing that’s always missing is family and I know that one day we’ll be able to spend more holidays together, I can feel it.

I miss family the most around holidays, and I have to remind myself of a saying I heard, “you have to bloom where you are planted”. I understand that saying as you need to flourish & thrive wherever life has taken you. You can’t be looking back or forwards all the time or you’re going to miss what’s happening right in front of you.

My hope is that maybe someone needs to hear those words too, just like I did.

With that being said, let’s get on with the post!

Saturday was the paved trail.

Anytime the weather is sunny & warm we like to get out and go on some sort of a trail.

On this paved trail, bikes can go on it and if you rode the whole thing, it’s about 7 miles. About a month or so, Jarret bought a bike so he and Bryce can ride together.

As you can see the girl were on scooters and I was walking with the girls.

The boys went off ahead and we probably did about 3 miles.

All the trees are either flowering or have gotten their leaves back.

The girls love to pack a backpack full of little things whenever we go out on trails.

The girls love to pack backpacks whenever we go out on a trail.

Maddie’s had bandages, itch cream, granola bar, water, and a stuffed animal.

Naomi’s had a little bottle of water, a book or two, and toys.

We met up with the boys on the trail!

Bryce likes to listen to music while he rides.

On our way back we stayed together.

By the time we made it back, the sweatshirts were off and it was hot!

Easter Sunday was a Fun Day!

We started the morning with Easter baskets from the Easter Bunny, which none of the pictures turned out…

and we went to church. The girls got so many little goodies!

In the past, I never really got a good picture on Easter because it was always so cold and no one wanted to take one and the whining goes on.

But this year, I got a good one!

Everyone is smiling and happy!

The girls looked so cute in the Easter dresses.

Maddie had her own egg hunt because she is not as fast as Bryce & Naomi are at finding eggs.

Mehaffey kids all cleaned up and lookin’ good!

Afternoon hike around the pond

On Sunday afternoon we hiked around a pond and on a trail we’ve never been before.

This was fun because there was a lot of information along the trail about different parts of a spring-fed pond and how a watershed works.

It was very interesting and educational!

Of course, the girl had to put their feet in.

And bring their new purses they got for Easter!

On the other side of the pond was the spillway that fed into a creek.

Bryce really wanted to cross it and I said, go for it!

He found a stick to hold on to for extra stability…

He did a great job and made it across!

He may love to play video games and build Legos all the time but at his core, he’s an outdoorsy kid.

Here’s a funny! It was just a little windy when you were on the bridge over the spillway, lol!

That was our Easter weekend!



I hope you all had a great time and I’ll talk to ya soon,

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