For Every Season Comes Change

Hi Friends, Spring had Sprung in this part of the country…finally!

The grass is green again, the flowers are blooming and we are enjoying the warmer temperatures.🌷

Every year since moving to the Midwest I always say, I survived another winter, lol! I always chuckle to myself while saying it, as if I surprised myself that I made it, ha!

MehaffeyMoments is going to be changing a little over the course of this month. I’m going to be gearing most of my content toward Moms who are juggling all the things!

My goal is for my blog to be more informative to parents but still with a personal touch. I also want to help you get dinner on the table with easy recipes, all while managing your household, saving money, and taking care of yourself too.

I know over time it will take on its own shape, with every season comes change, and the season of life I’m in right now has to handle all the things and looks very different from a year ago.

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Few…With all that being said, I hope you stick around and keep reading while my blog evolves!

You’ll probably notice a recurring theme in these photos too. Something we’ve been enjoying a lot since the weather has changed, our family loves them.

life lately - lifestyle blogger - mehaffey moments family selfie

I know I said it’s Spring and we’ve had some great weather but, Sunday morning we had snow flurries and by the afternoon it was in the 60s!

sun dancing off the pond

I’ve been trading the gym for walking outdoors a few days a week. If the weather is warm it’s calling my name vs. the treadmill.

The girls have been riding in Maddie’s Frozen Powerwheels Jeep for 3 years and it’s still going!

Last weekend Bryce and Jarret did a full service on his commuter car.

We’ve been making a point of Bryce doing most of the heavy-lifting when it comes to servicing vehicles, mowing the lawn, etc. so he can learn life-skills!

This is an area in parenting where I feel we don’t focus enough on anymore…

Bryce was changing the air-filter and obviously, Jarret was refilling the oil.

Are you starting to see a recurrence, haha???

You may have noticed that Maddie always has a popsicle holder, I purchased this from Walmart 10+ years ago, it was originally Bryce’s.

It helps so much because Maddie doesn’t like to be sticky and more often than not, she never finishes her popsicle or ice cream cone before it starts to melt. If you flip it over it can hold an ice cream cone.

The girls are happy to finally be shedding some of our winter layers for Spring clothes!

Last week I went on Maddie’s class field trip to George Washington Carver National Monument in Diamond, Mo.

This is the farm where he was born.

He was known for agricultural discoveries and inventions with peanuts & sweet potatoes. He was an educator, scientist, and inventor.

He also was known as the “plant doctor” because he spent so much time in nature studying plants.

One thing that you would probably be surprised to know is his voice was very high-pitched and childlike. They suspect his voice was like that because he had whooping cough really bad as a child and it did something to his voice box.

This was inside the Carver residents (the family that adopted & raised him and his brother). He never lived in this particular house because they built it when he was already grown. But he visited from time to time.

A replica of what the inside of the schoolhouse looked like that George Washington Carver attended in the neighboring town because that is where the “colored” school was. (I don’t even like to type that)

The kids got to see what it was like writing on a slate board with a little piece of slate. Because slate was cheaper than chalk at the time.

It was such a great field trip!


This weekend is Easter and I hope you all have a blessed weekend!

To recap, I don’t want to abandon my readers who tune in to keep up to date on family life, etc. Those posts will be scaled back some, which I’ve already done, and I will be posting more helpful content that I think Moms can benefit from.


Feel free to email me anytime if you have questions at

Have a Great Day and I’ll talk to ya soon!



  1. vicki elrod
    April 17, 2019 / 9:05 am

    Maddie’s popsicle holder has survived all the moves – good thing it has, because she would be so upset. It’s so important Jarret is teaching Bryce about car maintenance. So many adults don’t know how to maintain their cars themselves. Its easy to pay someone else. Knowledge is power!!!!

    • mehaffeymoments
      April 17, 2019 / 9:39 am

      Teaching kids how to do things is important! That is one thing you & Dad always did for us and I’m thankful for that.

  2. Kathy DeMoville
    April 18, 2019 / 7:57 am

    Love reading about whatever you write on your blog.

    • mehaffeymoments
      April 18, 2019 / 4:56 pm

      Thank you!🌷

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