Enjoying Trail Springs Bike Park

Hi Friends, long time no talk! It’s been a minute since I posted a blog post but I wanted to share some pictures from Sunday. We ventured to Trail Springs Bike Park, Two Rivers and enjoyed the sun and outdoors. Jarret and Bryce rode their bikes on the west loop trail and we walked a section of the trail.

The trail is about 6 miles give or take so the girls and I did about 2-2½ miles and then hung back by the car while we waited for them to finish.

We found this beautiful place by Googling trails near us and Trail Springs came up in the results. It’s free, but they do ask for a donation of $5 to help towards maintenance. I think that’s very inexpensive compared to everything the place has to offer!

About 10 days ago, I caught the flu and I’m finally feeling back to normal! I had very high fevers, chills, horrible body aches, which resulted in Jarret taking me to Urgent Care.

They performed a strep test & flu test and the flu came back positive, strep negative. I was given a prescription for a strong anti-viral medication where you only take one dose. The other instructions were for rest & hydration.

Jarret and the kids all got their flu shots this year (like normal) and I was the only one who didn’t get mine. I usually do and this year, I put it off and then forgot (which is no excuse) and look what happened…

Long story short, get your flu shot! It really does help because when the kids started to not feel good, it only lasted 2-3 days and not nearly the symptoms I had.

Enjoying the Outdoors at Trail Springs, Two Rivers

When this past weekend rolled around, we were ready to get outside and enjoy the sun & fresh air!

riding on mountain bike track

Bryce enjoys riding his bike with Jarret, so when we found Trail Springs we knew it would be perfect for them to do together. #fathersonbonding

walking on mountain bike feature

Along the West Loop trail, you are allowed to walk/hike so that is where the girls & I went.

There were a few others enjoying the trail too!

mehaffey moments selfie

Spring in Missouri! (pun intended, lol)

crossing creek

We love when trails have a lot of different things to see or walk over.

two kids hiking up a hill

top of the hill - lookout

Looking out over beautiful Highlandville.

look out over Highlandville, MO

We found the service road and headed back down to the car because the girls were getting tired.

top of the hill selfie - mehaffey moments

Leave it to Naomi to make a silly face in the camera…

While we waited for Jarret and Bryce to finish their ride, the girls played on the skills area ramps.

Maddie and Naomi loved it and said they can stay here all day!

mountain bike trail

Off in the distance, we saw Jarret and Bryce and met them at the end of the trail.

opt outside

They were tired! Their legs aren’t conditioned for long mountain bike rides yet but they said they definitely want to come back!

trail springs two rivers

thank you for visiting sign

trail conditions sign

Here’s our trail status report, tacky-Sunday-afternoon!

spring flow - james river

Spring flow on the James River.

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