Mother’s Day 2019

Guess what…it’s our last week of school!!!

We’re so excited for school to be out, no more packing lunches (yay!), and this break couldn’t have come at a better time for everyone. Although the kids are going to summer school for 4 weeks, it’s not like a traditional school day. It’s a half day, they’re excited about it, and it keeps their minds engaged.

Bryce is taking robotics, mystery solvers and pe. Naomi is taking first-grade camping and they integrate a little reading & math. Maddie is taking summer special-ed where she continues to work on some of her goals but, also has fun and integrates with her 4th-grade peers.

Then we will have the whole month of July and half of August to be off!

Mother’s Day was so nice!

My mother’s day was so nice, Jarret and the kids surprised me with an Edible Arrangement!

All the fruit was so sweet and the chocolate covered strawberries were amazing. I haven’t had an Edible Arrangement in probably 10 years…

Later we went out to eat for an early dinner so I didn’t have to cook. #bestpresentever

We went to eat at Bricktown Brewery…

and the girls got “build your own pizzas”.

Jarret ordered a carnivore pizza and Bryce & I ordered burgers!

We had the best time and the food was GOOD!

The geese are back and with babies.

The weather is warm, the geese and back and the brought babies!

Mehaffey Family Selfie!

Everything is green, green, green again.

Do you see them…six little geese babies!

They are so cute…

Here are the big honkers!

Swim lessons for the girls.

The girls started private swim lessons this year to become better swimmers in the deep end.

They both already knew how to swim but not to the point where they can manage in the deep for a long time.

Maddie & Naomi are doing great and I’m so proud of how well they’re doing.

This is their last week of lessons and they’ll be ready for summer swimming!

In other news…

I finally got my prescription glasses!

I hope this helps 🤞 because I got to the point where I could barely be on my computer for any length of time from my eye straining.

By the end of every night, my eyes were bloodshot or looked like I had been crying…

I’m supposed to wear them when I’m on any electronic devices, driving at night or reading.


I hope you all have a great day and I’m off to “field-day” at the elementary school!

Talk to you soon,

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  1. vicki elrod
    May 20, 2019 / 9:18 am

    Beautiful pictures as always. Counting the days till all of you are here and I can spoil everyone!!!!!

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