A Tornado Went Through Our Neighborhood

Hi friends, how are you doing today!?! Yesterday I went to the eye doctor and I’m getting a pair of glasses for the computer or any device use and reading. My eyes can’t take it anymore, it is taking me so long to work on the computer because my eyes are straining. They should be in next week.

If you follow me on Instagram then you know a tornado went throughout our neighborhood last week…

That’s one sentence that I didn’t think I would ever say. Let me start by saying that it was scary, surreal, unbelievable, still can’t believe it and fast. It all happened so fast! At one point they said the winds were anywhere from 100-130 mph.

I should also state that it’s not uncommon for us to experience bad thunderstorms, tornado watches or warnings pretty often during tornado season. That being said, you should always take tornado warnings seriously!

So as the night progressed we kept getting tornado warnings on our phone, I turned the news on to our local weather station and they were saying where the storm was. At the time there were no reports of tornados. Just strong winds, lightning, and rain.

The weatherman was alerting & naming towns that you should be getting in your storm shelters, basements or somewhere safe until it passes.

Since we don’t have a basement or a storm shelter, you go to your inner-most smallest room with four walls and no windows. That for us would be a small coat closet or our pantry.

As you can see we used our pantry!

At this time, the storm was still a little ways away and I had the kids laying on our couch cushions, with their blankets. I was grabbing our athletic shoes, battery- operated lantern, flashlights, extra batteries, and our jackets.

All the while still listening to the news in the background.

When we heard the lighting, thunder, rain, and wind increasingly close, we lost power and it was pitch black dark.

We stitched the lantern on and we all crouched & huddled together with the cushions around us.

Quickly the wind sounded different, it wasn’t the wind blowing across the side of the house like you usually hear. It was wind going over the top of the house and it was loud! All you heard was things blowing around outside or crashing noises.

We stayed sitting in the pantry for another few minutes and you just hear police and fire truck sirens getting closer. At the time I had no idea there were coming to around where we lived. I just figured someone got into an accident because of the storm.

I mentioned to Bryce that it sounded like it was right outside the door. At this point, I got up and told them to stay there while I looked out the window. When I peeked out the window I saw the trampoline wasn’t there anymore and we had it anchored down too!

Then I looked out the front door and saw a whole bunch of flashlights, the neighbor’s tree snapped in half and the other neighbor’s garage had fallen down.

I called Jarret who was working at the time to tell him that a tornado went through the neighborhood and that we’re fine, safe, and not to worry. He already knew that we were having severe storm threats from previous conversations.

When the storm threat was dropped for our area, Bryce and I walked around the house, check and made sure the house outside & inside was fine and went to sleep.

By morning the power was back on and when I looked out the backyard I couldn’t believe the neighbor’s house!

This is what it looked like the previous weekend!

Crazy huh!?!

Our trampoline was nowhere to be found. We saw pieces of one on the other street but nothing intact. We had some minor roof damage but nothing compared to the damage others sustained.

So if all we lost was our trampoline and outdoor toys, I am perfectly fine and good with that. We are safe, our home is fine, that’s all that matters!


I posted this a week or so back and after the tornado went thru our town, most of our family was like, “yep, time to move!”

I really believe that this is where we are meant to be at this time, I can’t see the whole picture yet, but for right now this is where we are.  There’ve been little signs here and there that we are making the right decisions and on the right path.

And as soon as it doesn’t feel right anymore, we’ll make some decisions. But right now we are thankful for what we have and are continuing to push forward!

Now onto some happier things…

These pictures were taken the week before the tornado and I never got around to sharing.


We were enjoying watching the kids play with the neighbors and spending time together.

Naomi had her kindergarten end of year performance. She was so nervous…

that she was going to forget the songs or the moves but she did great!

Last weekend we visited with Jarret’s cousin Anthony that was in Branson on a work trip.

It’s always nice to see family and visiting.

Alright, have a great weekend I’ll talk to you soon!


  1. Kathy DeMoville
    May 10, 2019 / 8:48 am

    Glad you are safe. I was saying lots of prayers for you guys. Hugs and love to all of you!

    • mehaffeymoments
      May 13, 2019 / 12:01 pm

      Thank you for your prayers!

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