Road Trip 2019 – 4th of July in Utah, Pt. 1

Hi Friends, Happy July!

The kids and I are gone for the whole month visiting family. Two weeks in Utah and two weeks in California! Jarret will join us halfway through to see both my family and his family.

We look forward to this trip every year, especially the kids!

In my attempt to keep it real and share my struggles too, I wanted to share this…

morgan harper nichols quote

Here’s a graphic that came up in my Instagram feed and it couldn’t ring truer.

This time last year was nice but, I didn’t enjoy the time away like I am this year.

Last July I was depressed, anxious and grieving the loss of a lifestyle that I loved for so long. It wasn’t easy for me or the kids to not be living on a farm anymore and moving to a new town. You know the saying, you can take the girl off the farm but you can’t take the farm out of the girl…🐮

Also learning to live without Jarret during the week while he travels for work.  Essentially being a single Mom for the first time and what it’s like to be a railroad wife.

Jarret traveling for work during the week isn’t forever, it’s just for right now as he builds his career.

It wasn’t easy, but it took time to get used to our new lifestyle and come out of the fog. You know the saying, sink or swim and I’m determined to swim.

Our trip out west came at a great time and was much needed!

Road trip from Missouri to Utah.

We traded the Midwest for the Mountains.

This picture was taken driving through the mountains of Colorado.

I always pull off in Grand Junction, CO to get gas before driving the rest of the way to my parents in Utah. Not too far from the gas station is this awesome sports park where the kids love to play.

After this is a long desert drive, so it’s perfect to get energy out.

It’s always nice to see this sign, Welcome to Utah! Utah holds a special place in my heart.💚

We made it to Grandma & Grandpa’s house on the 2nd, with the intention of celebrating the 4th of July in their town.

I survived the 2-day drive to Utah and now it’s time for Momma to decompress and recharge the batteries.

4th of July Parade.

In my parents’ town, it’s very ATV friendly, so Bryce rode the chairs out to the side of the main street to hold our spots on the parade route.

He loves this kind of stuff!

And the girls do too.

Look who we found, my Brother Ty & his girlfriend Melissa and her son!

Naomi parade ready!

Maddie parade ready!

Grandma parade ready with her grandkids!



Uncle Ty and Bryce have always been buddies, it’s nice to see them together again.


Big Sis and Little Brother.

Parade ready!

We all had so much fun during the parade and their town did a great job!

After the parade, the kids played in the water in the backyard and we just hung out.

We tried to hang for the fireworks but we faded fast and ended up watching them on the lawn in the front yard than from inside the house, lol!

Naomi fell asleep during the fireworks and we were peeling our eyes open to stay awake, haha.

The fireworks didn’t go off till after 10 pm and in our world, that’s like 1 in the morning, BUT the fireworks display was amazing!🎆🎇


More from Utah next week, talk to ya soon!

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