Back to School – 2019!

Well, yesterday was our first day of school!

Jarret and I were just having a conversation about how our summer FLEW by and can’t believe that the kids are back in school already… I think that means we had a good summer and enjoyed it to the fullest!

For me, the last few days I’ve felt really anxious because the beginning of school means things are gettin real with schedules, afterschool activities, homework, etc. But we made a few minor adjustments to hopefully alleviate some of that pressure.

Meet the Teacher.

Before the first day of school, we had “meet the teacher” on Wednesday.

That’s where you go, meet your new teacher, find where your seat is and drop off your school supplies. The girls we so excited to see their new classrooms!

I love how their school creates little areas for photo opportunities, it makes it fun!

Naomi loved this one.

Before we visited the elementary school, we were actually at the middle school going over Bryce’s schedule, finding his classes and meeting all of his teachers.

I absolutely LOVE the school system here, top-notch!!!

First Day of School!

We have a 7th grader this year!!! I can’t believe it and later this month he’ll be 13 years old, what?!?

This was also the first year I didn’t take him to school on his first day, he rode the bus to school and home.

I like to take a picture of what their backpacks are that year. Last year his backpacks have changed to more of a tech style backpack because they have to bring their laptops back and forth to school every day.

Now time for the girls, Naomi’s in 1st grade and Madison is in 4th grade! We were ready bright and early with time to spare for pictures and for me to drive them to school. We can walk them into class on the first two days.

Here’s Maddie!

Here’s Naomi!

A silly pose before we left for school…

Us waiting in the car, we got there 20 minutes early because the parking gets crazy on the first day!

Here’s a picture of their backpacks and us waiting for the doors to open.

Naomi and his 1st-grade teacher.

Anxiously waiting for class to starts, Naomi was SOOO excited for school to start.

Maddie with her 4th-grade teacher!

Maddie, on the other hand, was very nervous in the morning but, I’m happy to report she had a good first day back!

Me on the other hand, what did I do…?

I came home, took and deep breath and said to myself, “I made it” haha.

I ate breakfast, went for a nice long walk, started on laundry, uploaded these pictures to my blog, cleaned, cooked, and all that without having to mediate a fight or someone saying they’re bored or hungry, ah.

And with that, I hope everyone has a great day!

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