Road Trip 2019 – California Cousins & Swimming, Pt. 3

Hey there! Today I’m sharing part 3 of our trip when Jarret, me and the kids drove down to California to spend a week with his side of the family.

While Jarret was in California, his parents threw a big get to together for his family & cousins to see him and the kids. The last time Jarret had been out was 2+ years ago, so most of his family hadn’t seen him in a while…

But everyone picks up where they left off laughing, catching up all while enjoying some good food and drinks!

This picture of Jarret, his parents, and sister were taken right before he left for the airport to go back to work.

The Mehaffey Men.

I put swimming in the title because the kids swam every day, multiple times a day!!!

Bryce and his cousins.

Naomi loves to swim and did awesome since she just learned how this Spring. Thank you swim lessons!!!

Here’s a picture of me in the pool, lol! 😀

While we were in California, Maddie turned 9 years old!!!

How is that possible…

The saying, the days are long but the years are fast could not be truer.

Maddie requested a carrot cake for her birthday.

This is one of my favorite pictures I took while spending time with Jarret’s family, his talking and listening to his Grandma Carmen’s stories.

His a picture of Jarret with his immediate cousins.

And all the cousins with their Grandpa and Grandma.

If it’s not obvious, they all had the best time!!!


Night swimming!

Our kids and Jarret’s sister’s kids! #cousins



After Jarret flew back for work, the kids and I stayed for another week by either my sister’s or in-laws.

One of the days we were at my in-laws we went to my niece’s dance recital and my father-in-law and Bryce (unplanned) came out dressed like twins.

Here’s a family selfie we sent to Jarret before we left for the recital.

All of our time spent with Jarret’s parents and family was so fun, enjoyable and we created lots of memories. I couldn’t be more thankful to my in-laws for all their hospitality and making us feel like we were home.

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Happy Friday!

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