Minimal Summer Makeup & Skincare Products

Hi Friends, Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing with you my minimal summer makeup and skincare products I used on our vacation.

Now that we are back, I’m trying to get back into the swing of things before school starts. This weekend I did a big deep clean in both the girls’ room and Bryce’s; I even tackled the closets! Today I’m going to go through their clothes and if I’m feeling brave the arts & crafts closet…

minimal summer travel makeupMascara / Brow Gel / Brow Pencil / Concealer / Brightener / Eyeliner / Tinted Lip Balm / Eyelash Curler / Super City Block

When I was packing for our trip, my theme was to pack light. I gave myself a small makeup bag and whatever I could fit in there, is what I’ll use.

The products I decided on were items to pull myself together if we were going out or going somewhere special.

During the day I usually wore eyebrow gel, curled my eyelashes (which makes a big difference) and put on mascara. If I wanted to do more than I’d add eyeliner, concealer, etc.

This was the perfect amount of makeup products to bring on a trip!

summer travel skincare must havesFacial Scrub / AM Moisturizer / PM Moisturizer / Night Cream / Sunscreen

Now pairing down my skincare was a little harder, you know I love me some skincare! But to be quite honest, I’ve really paired my skincare down over this past year.

These are my skincare, can’t live without products…especially the PM Facial Moisturizer Lotion by CeraVe. The only difference from the AM and PM is one has sunscreen. You can use the PM Moisturizer Lotion in the morning too, just need to add a layer of sunscreen on after.

All of the skincare products I brought on this trip are very affordable and I would recommend them to anyone!

I’m a big fan of  CeraVe skincare and have really come to love their products.


I hope you all have a great Monday, see you soon!


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