Road Trip 2019 – Fun Times & A New Baby!, Pt. 4

Hi Friends, Happy Monday! I’m here with part 4 of our road trip recap and here’s where we had fun with my side of the family in California. Also, my sister had her baby while we were there, yay!!!💖

Before I start with pt. 4, let me just say my body needed rest this weekend…it was done. When we got home last week I had so much to catch up on that I fully unpacked, did laundry, back to school shopped, cleaned my car, grocery shopped, cooked, cleaned, paid bills, blogged…

By the time Saturday came around my body was like, I am not doing anymore…rest, rest, rest!!! So pretty much all weekend, besides a few small errands, church and tidying up, I binge-watched the new season of Heartland that was released on Netflix. It was so nice!🙌

Ok, let me get on with part 4…

On our way down from Utah to California, we stopped at my Papa & Grandma’s house to say hi and visit for a little bit before heading on to Jarret’s family. Jarret was only in town for a few more days at this point and most were ear-marked for him to be with his family.

My Grandma and Papa were so happy we stopped by and for them to see their great-grandkids!

Luckily they live pretty close to my in-laws so we stopped by a few times over the course of the next 2 weeks.

While we were there the kids explored my Grandma’s backyard because she has a lot of fun outdoor decor and gnomes.🍄

And they love having ice cream and specials for their grandkids when they stop by!!!

Grandma was handing out ice cream bars and the next time we stopped by she had oatmeal cookies, hmm…

One of the days my Tia Rocky threw Maddie a little birthday party while we were there. She decorated and made it very special!

It was fun for the kids to be all together and celebrate Maddie.

After we went and saw Lion King at the theater.

After the get together we stayed the next few days at my Sister’s house.

They had a litter of puppies that the kids absolutely loved playing with!!!

We all enjoyed being with each other day in and day out, as you can see in the picture above.

At this point I really didn’t know how long we were staying before we left, I really wanted to be there when my sister had her baby…

And, she DID!!! Meet little Abigail Faith…she is a doll and I miss holding her.

I stayed at the house another few days while my sister and brother-in-law were at the hospital and when she came home to help with her other three.

To rewind a little, when my Mom drove down from Utah, she stopped to spend some time with my sister at the hospital and then came to relieve me from kid duty.

Then Bryce, my Tia and I got to hold little precious Abigail. This was the first time Bryce went to a hospital and held a newborn baby. His comment was that she smelt so good and she was so soft!!!

Then my Aunt Teri threw Maddie a wonderful little birthday party, with lunch, cupcakes, swimming, and presents. It was so nice and thoughtful!

While we were there my Aunt Janet gave all the girls rides on her lesson horse. Maddie, Naomi, and Holly LOVED it!!!

Jakey wanted to wear the helmet, lol!

I wish I snapped more pictures after this point because we had fun in the pool, opening presents and visiting but, I guess I was too busy catching up😊

At this point, we only had a day or two before we headed back. One day was spent watching my niece at her dance recital and the next was having a get together with my Sister, Mom, Aunt, Grandparents, and all the kids before I drove home the next morning.

First, we made it from California to Arizona.

Arizona to New Mexico, which is where we stayed the first night.

I think 14 hours of driving was enough for me…

By the time we checked into our hotel that evening, I grabbed a few microwave dinners from the lobby fridge, warmed them up, showered and it was lights out.

Until the next morning…

Hello Texas!!!

Somehow I never snapped a picture of the Oklahoma sign, I think Maddie had my phone…

And that is when we met up with Jarret!!! He’s working in Oklahoma right now so we spent the rest of the day and night with him and headed to Missouri after breakfast the next morning.

On the third day…there was no pictures, haha… Patience and excitement wore off and we just wanted to be home! The kids did so well on the whole road trip home, considering how long of a drive we had. I honestly couldn’t have asked them to be any better!

I wish a took more pictures while I was with my family but, I either forgot or was too busy visiting. I know this post is a little jumpy but we were busy!

Now I’m off to take Bryce to his dentist appointment and I will still have another random recap of our trip of a few things I didn’t share and some packing posts. Tune in this week for more!


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  1. Vickki Elrod
    August 5, 2019 / 9:11 am

    Loved the pictures, as always. Seems like it was a while ago you were here. Looking forward to seeing y’all in the fall; hopefully.

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