Tips on Packing For a Summer Road trip

Hi Friends! I’m excited to share this post with you because packing a family up for a long road trip can be overwhelming. It’s my hopes that this post can help you simplify the clothes packing for you!

If you didn’t know, we were gone on a road trip for a month! Yes, the whole month of July we were visiting family. We drove from Missouri to Utah, Utah to California and California back to Missouri.

That’s a total of 10 states, roundtrip! If you’d like to catch up on those vacation recap posts, you can see them here.

This is my second road trip where we’re gone for a good length of time over the summer, I feel like I worked the kinks out this time.

Use packing cubes when you travel.

huge game-changer for me, this year, were these Packing Cubes by Amazon Basics!!!

Oh my gosh, they are amazing! I don’t know how one little zippered tote changed the whole game for me but these are essential now, especially when packing for a road trip.

The theme was not to overpack, so here’s what I did!

multiple Amazon Basic packing cubes

We each had one large packing cube, and if our clothes didn’t fit, it didn’t go.

I also had one medium-sized bag that housed our bathing suits, boardshorts, and coverups.

Pack soft, lightweight clothing materials.

Since it’s summer, I packed clothes that were lightweight and casual for kids. Our trip was very casual so I only packed one nicer outfit for each of us.

Large & Medium packing cubes for a roadtrip

I also had a separate bag for shoes (non-pictured), and my tip here is to keep shoes to a minimum.

Pick shoes that can go with everything!

Do laundry and wash your clothes.

If you’re on a road trip visiting family, this is an easy one, ask if you can do laundry!

I did a load of laundry every few days so our clothes were clean and I wasn’t hauling around dirty clothes.

labeled Amazon Basic Packing Cube

If you’re staying at a hotel, most hotels have a floor with a laundry machine. Buy a small container of detergent or laundry pods work good in the situation and wash your clothes.

Or find a laundry mat nearby or if you’re camping your campground might have one on-site.

Bring only one packing cube if you stop for the night.

On our road trip, we would stop for the night in a hotel to shower, rest, get some sleep and then hit the road the next morning.

I don’t bring in our whole suitcase filled with clothes…

Amazon Basic Packing Cube

I packed an extra packing cube and put one change of clothes & a pajama for each of us. So when we check into our hotel I would bring our toiletry bag, 1 packing cube for the night and our electronics.

Then when we left the next day to get back on the road we didn’t have all our luggage to bring down.

Conclusion on packing for a summer road trip.

When you are going on any sort of trip, I encourage you to use packing cubes to help keep things organized, tidy and it encourages you to not overpack!

Pack lightweight clothing that takes up less space and can easily be folded.

Keep shoes to a minimum.

Do laundry where you’re staying, this is a lifesaver!

And lastly, in my opinion, if you’re staying for only one night somewhere only bring in 1 change of clothes & 1 pajama. Not your whole suitcase worth of clothes. This makes it easier to jump in your vehicle and keep traveling the next day.


Talk to you soon,


    August 9, 2019 / 7:17 pm

    Excellent advice!

    • mehaffeymoments
      August 10, 2019 / 6:43 am

      Thanks, I feel like I packed waaayyy better this time around!

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