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Hey, how’s it goin’?!? I think about this blog/website ALL the time, I miss blogging and sharing😊!

If you don’t know why I’ve been a little absent here, it’s because I went back to school (full-time) this Fall and on top of that being a Mom to 3 kids (who have activities), a wife, managing a household and giving myself a break keeps my plate pretty full. But, my Dad once told me that if your plate’s full…get a bigger plate and I know, everyone’s plates are full of what they have going on in their lives, that’s why I don’t like to complain about mine. I’m lucky & thankful that I get to go to school fulltime and be a stay at home Mom.📚

Can I just say that I love October!!! October is probably one of my favorite months out of the year because it’s still is warm & perfect during the day (not humid), and crisp and cool at night. AND the leaves start changing colors.

Here are a few, misc. photos to share:

I snapped this photo while we were walking into church, the girls were all giddy because we picked and ordered their Halloween costumes on the way to church. Done and done!

I snapped this picture when I was in the Hallmark store😄, I saw this and thought of my Dad, haha! My Dad and his dog are best friends!

Here’s a little peek into my Fall decor, I didn’t put much up at all this year but, I may add some more here or there. I’m keeping it pretty minimal!🍂

Going shopping at Lowes.

Saturday we went to Lowes to get misc. house stuff like filters, grass fertilizer, etc. but the fun stuff is looking at the flowers and the seasonal decor.

Pumpkins on pumpkins on pumpkins.

I love a Fall Mum!


Naomi and a purple Mum.💜

Maddie and a yellow Mum.💛

I told the kids, pretend you’re scared, lol!


Who doesn’t love a dancing, singing, Christmas sloth?!?🦥

Maddie wanted a nutcracker.

Family Walks!

The weather right now is perfect to go on a family walk because no one is complaining that they are too hot.

Maddie needed a piggyback ride because her legs were tired.

Bryce and Naomi were flying around on their scooters.

A goose (which you can’t see) was following Maddie around, the water was super clear so you could see the fish and turtles.

Maddie was trying to creep up on a turtle sunbathing.

Mehaffey Family Selfie!📸

This photo was snapped a few weeks back, the girls love to look for acorns.

The acorns are starting to fall.

Spying the fish.



Operation Organization!

Usually, at the beginning of each season, I do a major reorganization of the girls’ room because they have the most stuff.

Toys, little toys, legos, clothes, etc. and it ALL needs to be gone through and organized every few months. I also switched out all their clothes for their Fall/Winter clothes to make more room in their drawers.


Naomi has been doing gymnastics every Saturday and loves it, she’s very motivated and tries very hard.


Football season is here!

Bryce’s cheerleaders!

And speaking of cheerleaders, the girls (especially Naomi) loves to watch them cheer and chant!

Bryce plays center, he’s the one with his hand on the ball.

A graphic for anyone that may need to see this.

You are free to start over. There is no timeline of when you are supposed to do something or accomplish something, you are running your own race at your own pace.

Have a great day everyone, I will be back soon to share!


    October 14, 2019 / 11:03 am

    I love October also!!! Wish we could walk together.

    • mehaffeymoments
      October 15, 2019 / 5:21 am

      Me too!πŸšΆβ€β™€οΈπŸšΆβ€β™€οΈ

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