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Good Morning Friends and Happy Thursday!

I don’t know what it is but, Thursday to me feels like my Friday. Probably because Monday-Wednesday is so slammed for me that I finally feel I can take a breather on Thursday.

Are you all playing Christmas music yet? I am…this is my favorite station on Pandora, while I’m doing work or needing to focus, Classical Christmas Radio. When I don’t need to focus on schoolwork, etc. I like to listen to Michael Buble Holiday Radio, Josh Groban Holiday Radio is good too!

Have any of you put up your Christmas decorations or started Christmas shopping yet? 🎅🎄

I’m going to decorate this weekend and I bought 2 stocking stuffers yesterday, lol! I’m usually way more on the ball right now but…oh well, I do have a list of what we want to get the kids, so that’s a start right. 😉 Jarret and I sat down 2 weekends ago and figured out how much we want to spend total, and what gift ideas we have for the kids. Now I just need to get on it!

Here’s a picture I snapped (at a stop sign) while on my way to take a Nutrition Exam, then off to class. This week and last week have been filled with tests and studying.

We also got our first snow of the season a few days ago and man-oh-man was it cold!!! I was waiting for the girls to get off the bus.

Then came in and enjoyed a toasty warm fire.

Can I just take a minute to acknowledge how fast Bryce is growing up…I mean…

We are so proud of him this football season, he really put in the work, stepped up his game and put himself out there.

Something he has struggled with in the past.

I’ve always kept his football pin in my makeup bag as a reminder to enjoy the season of life I’m in with the kids. I know these next five years will go by super fast and then before I know it, Bryce will be in his senior year.

As much as I want to pull my hair out with these 3 sometimes, this is only a short time and good days always outweigh the bad.

Ok, I should probably get on with the nature center pictures huh!🌳🍂

Nature Center in the Fall.

I love the nature center at any time of the year but, she really shines in the Fall!!!

The kids had Tuesday off last week for a teacher in-service day and the weather was beautiful and warm and I wasn’t going to waste that being inside!

Off to the nature center we went!

These kids and their Momma love being in nature, as much as they like to bellyache about me taking them away from playing at home with their friends, (they are MAJOR homebodies) they always have a great time.

This is their favorite spot, it reminds them of the creek that was on the farm.

Look at how big this leaf way!?!

Maddie has always had a special bond with her brother, ever since she was a baby…

Bryce & Maddie were the leaders and we were bringing up the rear!

Hey look, we survived!

There were tears, arguing, laughs, smiles, burnout, enjoyment, but hey…that pretty much is life right now, roll with it.

Have a great Thursday, I’m off to pack Bryce’s lunch before he needs to get on the bus!

Talk to ya soon,


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  1. vicki elrod
    November 14, 2019 / 6:50 pm

    Always love your pictures at the nature center. So nice you and I can enjoy fall where we live.

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