Happy New Year 2020 & Christmas Recap

Happy New Year Friends!!!

2020 feels like a nice clean slate doesn’t it…?

The 2010s had a lot of exciting times and lots of low times which were pretty life-changing. From the twins being born, to how I handled situations, to our family leaving the dairy business (this cut us all deep & still working through it). But in these last two years, I’ve learned so much about myself, what I’m capable of and what truly matters. I’m growing & learning.

Let’s close the book on the last decade and start a new one. I’m thankful, energized & excited!!! Do you know that by the end of this decade Bryce will be 24, crazy!!?!

Today I thought I would share our Christmas with you before it’s too late.

I love the way the house glows at night during Christmas, it feels so cozy.

On Christmas Eve we always make cut out sugar cookies for Santa. This year I used this recipe and they came out amazing!

The kids had their Christmas pajamas on and were ready for Santa.

Christmas morning and Santa showed up!!!

We had some happy kids!

My family’s tradition is to have biscuits & gravy, tater tots and some sort of meat with breakfast. I’ve carried on this tradition for years and it’s always so good.

Christmas dinner we had prime rib. This is the first time we’ve ever cooked one and Jarret was so happy.

He went to a butcher shop close to where he works and picked out a great hunk of meat.

He did the dinner all on his own and I was very proud of him.

It turned out amazing, and better than expected!

A few days after Christmas the kids and I went to Target to spend their Target gift cards. Their plans were to save enough on their gift cards to be able to buy a pizza and slushie for lunch.

These little things make them so happy!

I promised the girls I would take them to see Frozen 2 before they went back to school and that’s what we did.

Sunday before school we saw Frozen and the week before the boys went and saw Star Wars.

Christmas break was relaxing and we had some great weather too. Here’s our Christmas 2018 if you’d like to reminisce.

Now we are all back in school or work and ready to start this year strong, here’s to 2020 being a great year for all!

Talk to ya soon,


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  1. vicki elrod
    January 13, 2020 / 3:50 pm

    Another Christmas on the books!!! The prime rib looks sooo good.

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