Corona Times Family Catch Up

Hey-hey, it’s been a minute since I have formulated any sort of blog post!

It actually has been about 7 months since I updated you all, which was right after Christmas. A lot has changed in this world since the pandemic hit and many things have changed in our world too. The last few days I have really been thinking about this blog and if I want to put it to bed once and for all and close this chapter, or figure out some sort of doable posting schedule or if I need to just put it down as I have been and pick it up down the road.

So where do I begin…

Why did I stop blogging and sharing on social media?

The halt to the blogging just sort of happened organically after I went back to college. Life honestly got too heavy to carry on my own, especially after the pandemic hit. I started the year with the best intentions, I had ideas of what I wanted to share, I had a plan, and everything just started to unravel.

Jarret and I had some big decisions we needed to make, I had a full college class load (which was selected pre coronavirus) and virtual learning hit and the kids never went back into the classroom after their Spring break in March. And I was switched to virtual learning too!

Oh, and we moved states in June. Not an easy decision by any means but it was the best decision for our family. Jarret is still with the same employer but isn’t in a position that requires travel anymore! Now we are together as a family every day, and that is what’s most important, together we’re stronger💖

My choice to stop posting on Instagram was on purpose, I completely logged out for a while, mostly over summer. I needed a social media break. I needed to stop looking at what everyone else was doing and refocus on what I was doing, and what needed my attention and that was myself, my family, and my schooling.

What have we been up to?

Besides getting settled in a new state, a new town, and in a new home, during corona times…we’ve been trying to enjoy our summer safely.

Warning: Lots of random pictures ahead…

This year we continued on with doing what we love to do every summer and that’s going to Utah for a few weeks. We stay at my parent’s and enjoy getting spoiled by them. The way I get spoiled is by not having to cook for a few weeks, that’s a vacation, lol. And my Papa, Grammy, and Tia all came up and we met in southern Utah for the weekend.


Also, while in Utah my Sister came up with her kids, and we got to spend time with my brother and his family too. Probably the best weekend of the whole summer was when we were all together as a family. Jarret, my sister’s husband, and my brother & his family all came together for a weekend and we had the best time and made some good memories that we will all cherish. I love that we all made big efforts to be together during these times.

Usually, we also make a trip to California during the summer to see family too, but this time I honestly couldn’t make it work. The kids were bummed, but I chose to take an 8-week accelerated chemistry course online over summer and it was not easy. In hindsight, I’m so glad I did now that it is over but, it was a huge undertaking and I wouldn’t have been able to study and do the at-home labs the way I needed to if we traveled to California. Also, I couldn’t have done it without my Mom’s help with the kids and helping me search the small town for the random supplies I needed to conduct reactions.

Traveling with our kids to see both of our families is important to Jarret and I, and we will be making a trip in the near future to California.

ALSO…since my family loves to do things outdoors, we’ve been going to nearby lakes, going on family walks, barbecuing, fishing in our local pond, exploring nearby walking trails, and just having lots of family time. It really has been a nice summer considering…

Plans for the Fall and school.

My outlook on Fall and school is, we’re going to have good attitudes and be positive about the rollercoaster of this upcoming school year.

The week-to-week emails about changes to school and kids being in school and not being in school have certainly been overwhelming.

But, this is what I do know, I will be doing my schooling online/remotely since they’ve already made the decision for the college campus to be closed the rest of the year. The kids will be going back on a blended in-person/at-home learning scenario until further notice, where only half the school goes two days and the other half the other two days. We chose to send them back traditionally/fulltime but as of right now this is what our school district has set in place.

And…one thing I’m thankful for, this go’round with at-home learning is, Jarret will be able to be involved and can help! Hallelujah, that’s a win in my book!

Alright, I think that has been quite the update for now and we’ll see where this goes…

Have a great day,


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  1. Vicki R Elrod
    August 17, 2020 / 4:46 pm

    So happy to see the blog was updated!! I hope you can continue at least once a month. The pictures make me miss everyone even more.

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