Fall Camping in our New Trailer

This feels like an old-style post for me because I’m sharing pictures and a video on just one topic, camping!!! What?

Yes, we went camping for the first time last weekend in our new travel trailer. We’ve been wanting to get a camp trailer for a long time and finally, we got one. Our first camping trip was about 30-40 minutes away, nothing too big for our first trip out. Both Jarret and I grew up camping and we wanted to make sure the kids did too.

One of the best parts of camping was being between 8-week classes, so I got to completely relax and be unplugged. Usually, I had 2 labs on Saturday and a lab quiz due, so it was nice to leave my laptop and books at home!

The campers messy but, I was unpacking all the things and finding where to store them. Now the next time we go camping, I don’t have to bring so much.

The only picture of me the whole trip, haha…morning hair, cooking breakfast!!!

I need to get better about getting myself in the pictures too.

Breakfast burrito time.

One of the afternoons, Jarret and Bryce went to the camp store and got us all ice creams.

We played Uno and made memories.

Bryce bought himself a KOA light up mud and he loves it! It’s still his cup of choice and uses it daily.

Is there anything better than a smore…?!?

Coffee, hot cocoa, and coloring, this was our last morning before heading home.

Below is a little video I put together to remember our first family of 5 camping trip.

Thank you for reading, talk to you soon!



  1. Rose
    October 25, 2020 / 8:40 am

    LOVED this sooo much!!! Everyone looks so happy. You guys are FANTASTIC parents!! Great job. ❤️

    • mehaffeymoments
      October 26, 2020 / 5:37 pm

      Thank you, we had a great time and made some good memories! I’m happy you loved this post, I loved creating it and I hope you are doing well.💜

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