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Here at Mehaffey Moments I share everything from our farm life, cooking, raising kids, projects, my favorite things, raising a child with high-functioning autism, adoption and just your everyday mom struggles.

We are transplants from Southern California now living in rural small town Missouri and loving every minute, except when we are having a craving for In-n-Out or Del Taco, ha!

Some of my favorite things to do are: cooking, gardening, crafting (if I had more time), taking pictures of our day to day lives, and working out.

This is my crew!

Bryce (10), Madison (7) & Naomi (4)  

These days I feel like I’m a referee, between the arguing or someone is looking at me or I’m hungry every 5 minutes….sometimes I have to escape to Target & Starbucks for quiet time, lol! 🙂


As a family we’ve been through the ringer and have experienced things other parents will never have to endure. 

We had two children in the NICU born at 24 weeks, Madison & Brody. 

Brody was with us for a very short time but is now in heaven watching over his twin sister. Madison also has High Functioning Autism

Our oldest Bryce is very smart, loves to build robots with his Legos, annoy his sisters and helps me out all the time. I don’t know how I would survive summer without him!

Last but not least is our little Naomi, otherwise known as “Becky”, don’t ask-her nickname just came to be! 🙂

Naomi has been with us for almost a year and a half and our adoption is complete. She loves to help, be around the animals, and play with Maddie.

As a mom I feel like I am all over the board with my kids and parenting styles but, that is what makes our story unique! 

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